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IMMORIUM: ‘Rose Water Black’

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July 21

Words by Jenna Flood

Melodic Death metal outfit Immorium first grabbed everyone’s attention in 2015 with the release of their first full-length album, Universum. After a bit of a wait, the band then sparked our excitement again with the release of their second album This Too Shall Pass (2020), which also generated a great deal of interest.

Well, some years have now passed, but July 21 will see the release of Immorium’s very much anticipated third full-length album Rose Water Black.

The guys have completely put every single inch of their heart and soul into this new release and, to quote the band, “We could not be more proud and more excited to hand it over to the world after such a long wait.”

Believe me, it is without a doubt 100% worth the wait!

The emotion invoked from the powerful delivery of brutality alongside melodic musicality and head banging grooves will resonate with and appeal to a vast array of listeners. Immorium are the wizards of making you feel every vocal and musical note they deliver and will awaken every one of your senses.

Opening with No Returning to the Fallen, this haunting track gently draws you in before the blistering vocals begin, at which point you’re hooked. From here, Immorium lead you deep into a world of technical instrumentals and haunting riffs where intensity builds and then can suddenly drop away to a solitary melody.

Chains, as Dave Smith (vocals) explains, “Chains is an ode to my 24 year dance with diabetes, and the damage and pain it has caused. An insight to a midnight seizure, and a reminder that the cards we are dealt are the ones we must play.” Feel the pain and frustration Dave has gone through with this battle and how he now has the strength to shout in its face.

The title track, Rose Water Black, closes the album with beautiful harmonies that will leave you completely absorbed and begging for more.

Rose Water Black, although only having a short list of five song titles, has Immorium’s signature trademark of producing longer tracks with powerful and brutal vocals, crushing riffs and atmospheric melodies that will take you on a journey of over an hour.

In a big world full of a lot of sound, Immorium have created their own unique sound that has never before been achieved in Australia. And having had a little experience myself witnessing what’s on offer at overseas festivals right now, I believe Immorium belong on the World stage.

Accompanied with magnificent album cover artwork thanks to Xenoyr at xenoyr.com, Rose Water Black is the experience you need and the quintessential addition to your metal library. Put the release date in your diary because, it has been said before but I will say it again, prepare for this album to be the soundtrack to your Winter.

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