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Icecocoon: “It’ll be more like seeing a touring band instead of just a local show.”

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By Robyn Morrison

Adelaide’s Icecocoon are gearing up for their first live show this Saturday in their hometown.  Speaking to vocalist/guitarist Owen Gillett, you sense the enthusiasm in his voice, not only for their first gig but also for the hard work the band has put into their music.

“We’ve been preparing for this for some time, both as a band and all of the logistics,” he says, of the upcoming show. “All the pieces are in place now and the chips are going to fall where they may.”

According to Gillett, you can expect this band to show tinges of Devin Townsend with a hint of Godflesh. “There are also reminiscent elements of bands like Type O Negative and Paradise Lost.  There are lots of little subtle things from all those bands. I think it’s inevitable when you’re younger that your influences come out of you, but I’d say nowadays all those bands and loads of other bands are more about inspiration. I think I’ve developed enough of my own style that I’m creating from my own pallet of sound now.”

The band’s current line-up came together quite easily for Gillett. “I’ve been friends with the bass player [Matthew R Davis] forever and we’ve been playing music together for a long time because we grew up in the same town. The other guys [Larry Ash, Darren McLennan and Brody Green], I didn’t have to look very far because I’d known them from bands I’d recorded.  Through the extended network I thought about who was suitable and who I wanted and they said yes.”

There are always challenges that face emerging bands when trying to reach as many people as possible to hear their music.  Gillett explains that his biggest challenge is making the decision to dedicate your life to music. “I think once you’re in the groove of knowing what you want to do, everything goes towards that. In other words, sorting your head out so that you’re focused on what you’re doing and not self-sabotaging.  I think sorting out the psychological side of it is actually the biggest obstacle and once you’ve passed that, everything else equates to hard work.”

Speaking about the upcoming show this weekend, Gillett confirms the band has done everything in their power to ensure this will be an event not to miss. “We’ve gone a really long way to creating live visuals, a lighting show and the sound as well.  With all those pieces together, it’ll be more like seeing a touring band instead of just a local show. Hopefully that will be a good experience.”

Also at the show, Icecocoon will be recording a live album.  Gillett explains further. “We’re going to be in front of a three person camera crew, documenting the whole event. We’re going to release that as a live CD. It should be a fun night for anyone that wants to come and be rowdy for that as well.”

Icecocoon are in the middle of recording their next studio album too.  “The drums, guitar and bass are already record,” he explains. “Basically it’s lead vocals and lead guitar parts and mixing and mastering that need to be done.  I’m not sure when it’s going to be but it will be in 2015.”

The aim for the band in 2015 is to perform more live shows.  “I definitely want to get interstate as well,” says Gillett. “I know it’s important to build up a following in your own town but I think not waiting to get interstate is a good idea. I think playing more live shows and releasing the album will help us get involved more in the industry.”

Icecocoon perform at The Promethean in Adelaide on Saturday 29 November 2014.

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