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Motionless In White Interview

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There is relief in his voice as I talk to Chris Motionless from Motionless In White about their new album Reincarnate. As I talk to him news is filtering through that the album had instantly become a top seller in the U.S. and was reaching the charts right around the world. Still chart success is obviously not the way Chris judges how well an album has done. That becomes obvious when he brings the conversation around to how he enjoyed working on Reincarnate a lot more than he did their last chart-popular album Infamous.

‘This time around we worked with people that got the band and understood my vision, the music and the songs in general,’ explains Chris. ‘On our last record (Infamous) one person we worked with got the vision and the other just wanted to f**k everything up. We did not see eye to eye at all and I actually hated the working relationship with that producer, and that just made for a very stressful and long complicated making of the record. This time I worked with people that I knew I could talk to ahead of time and work with ahead of time. I felt like I made the right decision because I ended up working with a producer who was very comfortable with making sure I got to do what I wanted to do and didn’t want to destroy my image and make it his own and all that kind of s**t.

He also admits that the fact that the band is now ten years old has also made the album creating process a hell of a lot easier as well. ‘We’re more used to it now, we’ve become better songwriters with time and experience and all these things just seemed to mix together and create this cocktail of creativity for us and it ended up working out great. Lyrically I wrote about a lot of stuff that is going on in my head everyday, that is kind of the same with every album, but this time I found myself inspired by a lot of books and movies and TV shows, and the characters in all of those. So I found myself writing a few songs looking through the eyes of those characters, so I guess you can see it’s a little all over the place lyrically on this one.’

The first thing that Motionless In White fans will notice when they listen to Reincarnate is there has been a definite move in sound for the band this time around and Chris explains that even felt comfortable with that ahead of the release.

‘As a band we wanted to put out a record that finally defined our sound as a band, take a little away from what we sounded like on our first album,’ says Chris. ‘And that is a little scary in the sense that you still want to please the fans that you have and you want to survive as a band, but you also want to do what you want to do. It is very hard to find that middle ground and that is very scary and very stressful but I just chose that path and had to do whatever the f**k I wanted to do to be happy with myself. And maybe we might blow up but if we did it just so fans would buy it I would f**king kill myself. I learnt more about what I wanted to do on this one and it has turned out good and we’re happy with it so far. ‘Our second album (Infamous) had a dramatic change in sound which I knew would not be well received especially by a lot of the fans. But we were more confident and proud of this album pre-release that I really didn’t give a s**t because I was happy that we got to accomplish everything that I wanted to do.’

Now as the boys from Pennsylvania take Motionless In White to Europe to tour with Lacuna Coil Chris says he is looking forward to the day that the band gets to head back to Australia. ‘We are really trying to get back in early 2015, we want to do a club tour not just Soundwave like we have done before. I love Soundwave but it would be great to play in clubs and put on a better show and be playing for fans that are there for us specifically. But hopefully we are over there sooner rather than later.’

Reincarnate is out now.

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