One word can be used to describe Hardcore Superstar: Energy. C’mon Take on Me is no exception, even though it contains two ballads. The first ballad: Stranger of Mine feels like an interruption in the constant energy flow, but the second one: Long Time No See is a powerful ballad that fits in to the general sound.

The strongest track on the album is the single, Above The Law, which has the same anthem feeling as their 2005 hit We Don’t Celebrate Sundays. Hardcore Superstar are a band who generally are better live than on record, and this song will probably show its full potential on stage, even though it’s a strong track already.

In his best moments, Singer Jocke Berg sounds like a young Vince Neil, but sometimes, like in I Won’t Take The Blame Pt.2, the voice drowns in the wall of sound. The production that contributes to Hardcore Superstar’s sound is, in songs like that, a bit too raw which makes it slightly chaotic.

The album doesn’t come with any big surprises and Hardcore Superstar stays with their established sound, yet they will not let any fan down with their ninth album C’mon Take on Me which keeps an overall high standard.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2cx7EPZRsk]

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Written by Anna Mattsson


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