Whitesnake: Made In Britain/The World Record

Whitesnake’s 2011 world tour has been called the band’s most successful tour ever, so it comes as no surprise they have released a second live album from it in three months.


One word can be used to describe Hardcore Superstar: Energy. C’mon Take on Me is no exception, even though it contains two ballads. The first ballad: Stranger of Mine feels like an interruption in the constant energy flow, but the second one: Long Time No See is a powerful ballad that fits in to the […]

JORN: Traveller

The themes for Jorn’s lyrics range from the typical metal subjects of  the power of drugs and rock’n’roll, to references to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, to the most serious and unusual lyrics about slowly dying of cancer. Even with the highly varyied lyrics, Traveler feels like a unity, […]