Shower time is not just to get clean but also time to let your inner rock star shine thanks to the acoustics of a bathroom. Here is a list of some tunes we at HEAVY HQ tend to rock out to while “alone” in the shower.

If you have soap on a rope use it as a microphone; a bottle of shampoo does the job well too.

Rock on with ya soap on–don’t get it in your eyes!!!

[Song choices by Matt Bolton]

15. Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

14. Alice Cooper– School’s Out

13. Faith No More– I Started A Joke (Bee Gees Cover)

12. Dio– Holy Diver

11. Iron Maiden– Run To The Hills

10. GWAR– Meat Sandwich

9. Pantera– Cemetary Gates

8. Corrosion of Conformity– Clean my Wounds

7. Down– Stone The Crow

6. Mad Season– Wake Up

5. Live– Lakin’s Juice

4. Judas Priest– Diamonds and Rust

3. Black Sabbath– Children of the Sea

2. W.A.S.P.– I Wanna Be Somebody

1. Whitesnake– Here I Go Again

Written by Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton has been a long time contributor for SF Media and now writes CD Reviews and Gig Reviews for HEAVY. Boltz, as he is known is responsible for his regular column for HEAVY, that being HEAVY Roots.
Boltz has a diverse taste in music when it comes to anything HEAVY. Regularly going to concerts and collecting vinyl, trying to get back to playing guitar, music has been a huge part of his life ever since receiving a Beach Boys cassette for Xmas from Rudolf. He believed in Rudolf back then. Now everything from Reggae to Black Metal is blasting through his speakers. His favourite bands range from Mr Bungle, Acid Bath, The Dwarves, System of a Down, Pantera, Inquistion, Melvins, Peter Tosh and Alice in Chains.
Winning the battle with the big C, Dimebag Darrell’s tunes helped him through the fight in long hospital stays. ‘Strength beyond strength’ tattooed across his collarbone has a deep meaning and the metal pumps through his veins. Boltz lives and breathes metal. \m/

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