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[Feature] Appropriate Cooking Soundtracks

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It would be safe to say that people love music, and they also love food. So shouldn’t it work best when you combine both? In this article we’ll take a look at some appropriate songs to match up with your cooking and eating habits.


Something In Your Mouth: 

A bouncy beat with crunchy guitars, bellowing bass lines and dopey lyrics deserves an equivalent meal. Something with an overabundance of meat and cheese, say, like a beef stew with thick gooey cheese slathered on top.


Will O The Wisp:

With its delicate acoustic guitars and airy vocals, you should definitely consider lighter fare. An all vegan stir-fry or some berries and grapes would do the trick, preferably consumed whilst frolicking in an open field. Extra points if you can find a working harp and some nubile slaves to feed you while you strum away.

Cradle Of Filth

Her Ghost In The Fog:

This is definitely a song you want playing as you sacrifice your goat and serve it freshly cooked alongside a glass of blood-red wine. The Dark Gods would approve.



Relentlessly slicing into the meat of your choice during the chorus, screaming “cut, cut, cut me up. Fuck, fuck, fuck me up”, means cooking will never be the same. For vegetarians, try it with some potatoes.


Conditions Of My Parole: 

A Southern fried jam from Maynard and the boys deserves some greasy fried chicken alongside some potato and gravy, coleslaw and oil-slathered ribs. Get all this together and you have yourself a suitably hearty, down South-styled meal.



Now that they’re really embracing their thrashy roots, you should go for something simple and fast that’s chock-full of fat. A bunch of meat pies, or a loaded-up pizza will satisfy your craving, unless you start headbanging and your meal ends up all over the floor.

Five Finger Death Punch

Jekyll and Hyde: 

One thing to remember, and this applies to all 5FDP songs, you never make your own meals to their music. They are a drive-thru only band; it doesn’t really matter what you get, it just has to contain meat (most likely poorly cooked and overpriced).


I Stand Alone: 

Once you hear the bellowing from Two-Shirt Sully, the first thing you’ll need to do is track down your nemesis and challenge them to a battle to the death on horseback. Once you conquer your foe, you slay and eat their horse. Raw. There is no other type of meal you can have with this song; it always has to be raw horsemeat and nothing else.



If you want to grow up big and strong like Danzig, you need a hearty meal full of protein and a side of supplements. Any kind of meat, eggs or vegetables alongside a massive stein of ale should be a good start. To top things off, ask your mother to cook the meal for you.

Alice Cooper


It wouldn’t be fun to drink actual poison to the shock rocker’s classic track. But it is fun to dress up, put on some face paint and eat confectionery after a big hamburger, right? Poison is definitely a track to indulge your sweet tooth. You best do this around Halloween, so you can get creative with an assortment of spooky treats so people won’t look at you so strangely for the face paint. That is, unless you want that kind of reaction.





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