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Defying Gravity with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE

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“When you’re writing songs and you’re in the demo stage it’s fairly obvious when you’ve gone too far”, voiced Matt Tuck, vocalist for Bullet For My Valentine. “The songs are still heavy, they’re still dark, the lyrical content is still as you’d expect from the band… we’re just trying to freshen things up. We definitely have our own musical identity. I think you can hear that from the self-titled E.P through to Gravity. As the band has progressed and we’ve grown and our lives have changed and our musical tastes have varied. I think we’ve been brave enough to venture out of the typical metal box and a lot of bands who had the success off their first couple of records that we had wouldn’t dream of doing this. We always wanted to strive for greatness and that does take a little bit of bravery and a bit of guts”.

In the full interview Matt discusses the band’s upcoming appearance at Good Things Festival, the differences to the bands set since their last visit, the reception to latest album Gravity, the bands stance on altering certain elements of your sound, the Gravity deluxe edition, what it was like to lose two original members in the space of 12 months, their plans for the future and more.


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