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DEAFHEAVEN Turn Up the Volume

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“I don’t know”, laughed Deafheaven vocalist and founding member George Clarke when asked what he thought prompted the surprise crossover success of their sophomore album Sunbather. “We got really lucky. It was such a crazy, exciting time and I think that a lot of people felt like what we were doing was fresh and I think that resonated more than anything”.

That album propelled Deafheaven into a world that saw it acclaimed as one of the best-received albums of 2013 throughout the United States. The response saw their fan base swell and interest peak, but Clarke says at the time the band were merely content to improve on debut Roads to Judah.

“I remember just thinking this is what we’ve worked up to”, he said. “Up to this point this is the best version of ourselves, but we were also very nervous. We’ve always been a little bit self – doubting and a little bit cautious and we were just scared and excited. When it started rolling and people began to hear it and seeing the response for the first time, then it felt real and exciting”.

In the full interview George discusses the upcoming tour, last years album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, the different musical direction the band took with it, their feelings on the direction, the fans reaction, the early days of the band, what they were trying to achieve musically in the beginning and now, how the band has changed musically over the years and more.


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