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Listen to the interview below or on Spotify and iTunes Podcast:

After releasing the single ‘Know Hope’ early in their career, it was almost another five years before Brisbane alternative-hardcore band Deadlights put out their debut album ‘Mesma’ last year. It was an album that was worth the wait, cementing their growing reputation on the national metal scene. It was a long time coming for fans, but one which vocalist Dylan Davidson says reflects the heart and soul put into the bands’ music.

“We were just mates,” he reflected on the early days. “We have been playing in bands together since we were fifteen years old and it was one of those things where we put ‘Know Hope’ out and got a couple of tours off that and we really liked it and then we were sitting around and we had a bunch of songs over the next couple of years and then we made a conscious decision to get ourselves together and take it seriously and really do something with it.”

Despite the near decade wait for the first album, Davidson insists that fans won’t have to wait anywhere near as long for the follow-up.

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“No, no, definitely not,” he laughed. “It’s already coming along quite nicely. We have a whole bunch of demos done, it’s probably about booking in the time and starting the recording process now.”

In the full interview, Dylan discusses this weekends SCHEMA Festival in Brisbane and how it feels to be the headliners of the inaugural show, delves into a bit of history behind Deadlights, what the new material is sounding like, the band’s eclectic range of influences, how fine of a line it is between inspiration and imitation with music, their live performances and more.

Tickets are available now from https://schemafestival.oztix.com.au/ for one or both days and is an all-ages festival held over three stages.
Full line up:
Like Thieves, Deadlights, Nerve, 16 Fingers, Adriatic, Aeonmind, All Hours, Apate, APEman, Atticus Chimps, Baltimore Gun Club, Biggie Nixz, Cheney, Chocolate Strings, Deadbeat Dave, Dr. Parallax, Elephant, End Us, ffirth, Fire Away, For the Wolves, Former Angels, Friday Marmalade, GORDZONER & M3110W, Grammar tha God, Greywood, Hayden John, Heart Eater, He Danced Ivy, Homeless Yellow, Hudson Valentine, Indica, Kold Creature, LTK (Lvee the Kid), Lucid Louie, Lucy Dron, Lunchtime, Massic, MC Dynasty, Native Bones MC n Big Noyz, Oldtown, Peacekeepers, Pretty Cruel, Rainman (DJ set), Regular Gonzalez, Remain, Rinsed Out Records, Sanfred, Serene, Serial Killer Dinner Party, Stub born, The Arturos, The Blockades, The Silencio, Timothy James Wright, Tokyo Twilight, Trinatyde, Upon A Falling Empire, Vaela, Wise Man Say
The SCHEMA Collective is an alliance of musicians and artists in the Brisbane underground music and arts scene that create events that support deserving organisations and charities.
To date, they have organised successful events for groups such as 3rd Space, Sea Shepherd, #StopAdani, and several others. SCHEMA strives to cultivate an accessible and inclusive music and arts scene that is free from misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, racism, or any other prejudiced ways of thinking that slow the progress of acceptance and empowerment of fellow human beings.
The SCHEMA Collective can be found on Facebook!
A compilation album showcasing bands that have performed at SCHEMA Events can be heard here!

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