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“It’s been awesome, we’re really stoked,” enthused Marc Patterson, guitarist for South Australian metalcore band The Daily Chase on the reaction to their new EP ‘Feel Alive’. “Going from our previous EP we got a bit of hype from that but we feel like this is bigger and better. We all had a bit of input – even lyrically – so it’s just a bit of… it’s basically about trying to dive into today’s issues with what young people deal with in life and stuff like that. Some of the ups and some of the downs and relate that through songs.”

With the plethora of society related problems facing the youth of today, Patterson believes now more than ever it is imperative that artists provide messages of hope through their music.

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“Definitely,” he affirmed. “It’s one thing to listen to something and hear a cool riff or something like that but if you can listen to something and lyrically if you can put something out there that grabs an individual and makes them take something from it, I think that’s definitely a big deal.”

Tune in to the audio interview for a more in-depth history of The Daily Chase, plus the reasoning behind releasing only EP’s to this stage of their career, the musical changes in the band over the two EP’s as well as the difficulties in establishing a band in the modern saturated climate plus more.

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