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CROBOT: Feel This

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Mascot Records

Words by Jimmy Glinster

For a split second there, I thought I was reviewing another one of Dave Grohl‘s side projects, but then I put my glasses on and realised these eyes really are failing me in my frail old age.

What I discovered with Crobot though, is a rocking good time, somewhere along the lines of Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. There are even moments where I was tempted to check if Myles Kennedy was singing for this band because just like Myles, the vocals in this opening track Electrified, are on point! Killer opener!

Next up is Dizzy, and it’s a bit heavier than its predecessor, with grunge overtones reminiscent of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. Some weird synth style guitar tones add an additional flavour throughout the track. I’m impressed so far, and we are only two tracks into this 12-track album titled Feel This.

Set You Free kicks off slow and brooding, like a ballad, but soon kicks on with some heavy guitars! I guess you could still call it a ballad of sorts, a heavy one that is. It’s a slow burner, but not so slow that it loses you. The guitar tones are massive, and the vocals are once again on point!

Back to the rock we go with Better Times, and a harmonica over the intro drags me back to Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion 1 album, where we all thought Gunners had gone all country for the first half of the album. This ain’t country though, but it does sneak a few more harmonica solos, cowbells and country licks throughout the track. Enjoyable!

Golden opens with a very pretty sounding little guitar riff before pulling back to a drum and vocal passage. When the band joins in, this is a big sounding song. It’s not overly heavy, or rocking, it’s actually a pulled back track, but the four-piece band just gels to make it work.

Another clean guitar part opens Without Wings. This may actually be a ballad, at least it is so far, with some haunting melodic vocals. But no, it just got heavy. Black Sabbath kind of heavy. This band seems to pull inspiration from many varied sources and sub genres of the heavy music realm. All in All, another killer track!

Next up is Livin’ on the Streets, and its rocking riffs and street talk lyrics instantly take me back to the 80s LA hair metal movement. A throwback to the likes of Motley Crue, Poison and Wasp just to name a few. They even throw in some gang vocals in true hair metal fashion!

Into The Fire is not what I expected from the song title. It’s a bit slower than I’d expect from a song about fire. It’s heavy though, in a rockin, don’t drag ya heels kinda way! Heavy grooves, thumping drums and those on point vocals make for another rocking track!

Dance with the Dead is a little more upbeat with a very pop rock feel to it. It’s a singalong track once the chorus kicks in citing the track title. Probably not my favourite track so far, but not a bad track, not even by a long shot. And let’s be honest, every track needs a good clap along section, and that’s what I just got!

Three to go, and I’ve got to say, I’m highly impressed so far. This is up there with one of my favourite albums that I’ve had the pleasure to review. Killer stuff with a fresh take on some classic heavy music sub genres.

Holy Ghost doesn’t disappoint either by keeping up with the heavy rhythms and grooves that have rocked me this far into this album. These guys sure do know how to write a rocking good tune!

A very odd riff kicks off Never Break Me. It’s almost got a Primus type feel to it, you know, it’s kinda funky and kinda cool, but also just very weird. I can actually picture Les Claypool doing that funny walk thing he does to it. Luckily though, it does maintain a little more pop sensibility than your average Primus track, which makes it easier to follow, and very easy to listen to.

Staring Straight Into The Sun is the final track on the album, and it opens up as a sludge/beer metal track before pulling back to a – wait for it… – a ballad. It’s still heavy, but it’s slow and pretty for a while before it gets its sludge on again.

Crobot could be my new favourite band, and I reckon they could be yours too. You have to listen to this album, it’s a breath of fresh air in a market flooded by core and generally generic recycled rubbish. There are flavours from many heavy music sub genres blended together to deliver a product which is listenable to a massive crossover market within the rock and metal community.

The only downfall this band may encounter is that they may be likened to Nickelback due to a similarity in production and primarily clean vocals. But hey, if they can sell as many albums, and drop as many panties as Nickelback, I’m sure they’ll do just fine!

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