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The last couple of years have seen big changes for the members of Aussie prog rock outfit Caligula’s Horse. With the prog rock scene thriving in Australia the band have found themselves in a steady spiral upwards. Overseas tours, sold out Australian tours and their last album making the ARIA Top 50 Charts has seen the bands hard work over the years really pay off.

Now before the band set off on a headline European tour they are thanking their Australian fans with a very special tour that will see the band play in intimate settings and play their album In Contact in full. HEAVY recently caught up with lead vocalist Jim Grey to chat about what fans can expect on this tour.

“The special thing about this tour is that we will be playing our most recent record, In Contact, all the way through, start to finish and this maybe something that we never do again, we’ve certainly never done it before,” explains Grey. “We’ve also basically limited it to these three east coast shows and the venues that we have chosen are all a little bit smaller because we are trying to make it have I guess a more intimate vibe. We just want to get everybody in the room and experience this thing as one.”

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While many people out there think it might seem a pretty basic thing for a band to play an album from start to finish – Grey says the process does actually create some problems for a band as they attempt to pull it off. “It is really the scope of the whole thing,” he says. “I mean the album is quite long in itself and plus that we will be playing a number of fan requests afterwards as well.  That means it will be quite a long set but I think the most challenging thing has been learning these songs that you are very unlikely to play in any other context. In fact there are songs on the album that we have never played together in a room together at all, and that was just because of the nature of the writing process, but now we are playing it all together for this tour, but normally Sam and I will just put together everything on a demo and then the other guys will just put it all together layer by layer, so there are songs that we have never played together before, not even after the album came out so that is really the most challenging thing.”


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The tour kicks off on the 3rd August and tickets are available via


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