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[BOOK REVIEW] ABDUCTION By Alan Baxter : Book Three

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As with all good trilogies, the third act is a tricky beast. It has to tie all loose threads together, complete character arcs and deliver a satisfying conclusion to the overarching storyline. Abducted by Alan Baxter, the third and final book in the Alex Caine trilogy, manages to pull off this feat to deliver a finale that’s equal parts action packed, exhilarating and terrifying. It’s a mesmerising tale fraught with emotion and filled with memorable mental imagery that will stay with you long after the final page has been read.

Following the catastrophic events of Obsidian, Alex Caine has spiralled into despair and guilt over his actions that caused the death of thousands of innocent men and women. He suffers from terrible nightmares and has no idea on how to forgive himself for the choice he made.

One night when Silhouette is on a hunt, Alex is ambushed in his home while sleeping and abducted by the Fey, an ancient race of beings who preside over another world ruled by chaos. At the same time, Claude Darvill, seeking revenge against Alex Caine, searches desperately for his father Robert Hood, his actions set in motion a series of cataclysmic events which lead to a blood-soaked, epic conclusion to the entire saga.

As with the previous books, Abducted starts off with a bang and relentlessly rockets along at a lean 310 pages full of fantastic action set pieces, brutal and grizzly violence, surprising character moments and a great blend of gritty realism and imaginative fantasy.

Baxter deftly manages to juggle the set pieces with satisfying endings for each character throughout the novel, each moment feels earn and is built up wonderfully. Pretty much all the surviving characters from previous books make appearances, there are even a few new fresh faces introduced, such as the hilarious Halliday, who makes an incredible impression in his brief section late in the story and the imposing Lady, the leader of the Fey hell-bent on revenge and driven mad by power.

By the end of the book, I was left completely breathless as if I had run a marathon. The finale is an amazing blend of bone-crunching action, emotion and just pure unbridled imagination. Out of the three books, I read this one in the shortest amount of time; it truly was what you call a page turner.

Now that the Alex Caine story is over (Only for now, hopefully) I can safely say that Abducted not only works as a great standalone story, it also succeeds as an excellent conclusion to what has preceded. Alan Baxter has created 3 superb Urban Fantasy tales that progressively got better with each instalment, culminating in the epic finale the series deserves, highly recommended.

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