Over the last year or so I’ve really started getting into reading musician biographies. Getting an inside look into the process of making albums I adore and hearing about crazy tour stories and the dark lows that come with them make for an immensely interesting and curiously satisfying read. I’ve been through a stack of […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] BURDEN MAN ‘Shadows Of The Dying’

The Debut EP from Sydney-based solo artist Burden Man is a hard listen. Not because it’s a bad EP, mind you, on the contrary, it’s very good, it’s just that the themes running throughout the 6 track, 23-minute long disc are very dark, sombre, haunting and depressing. With a title like Shadows Of The Dying, […]

[BOOK REVIEW] ABDUCTION By Alan Baxter : Book Three

As with all good trilogies, the third act is a tricky beast. It has to tie all loose threads together, complete character arcs and deliver a satisfying conclusion to the overarching storyline. Abducted by Alan Baxter, the third and final book in the Alex Caine trilogy, manages to pull off this feat to deliver a […]

[BOOK REVIEW] Obsidian By Alan Baxter : Book Two

Obsidian By Alan Baxter : Book Two

Writing an urban fantasy novel that stands out from the pack is a pretty daunting task, following it up is even harder, but author Alan Baxter has managed to do so with aplomb. Obsidian is the second novel in the Alex Caine trilogy, a dark urban fantasy tale that weaves a potent concoction of monsters, […]


When it comes to writing Fantasy, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd these days. By simply uttering the word you draw comparisons to every Fantasy classic like Lord Of The Rings through to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, it’s a tough market to crack it in, but the novel Bound by Alan […]

[Feature] Appropriate Funeral Soundtracks

Death is a natural part of life, once a person has passed on, it is almost always followed by a sombre funeral. Choosing the appropriate music to represent the departed is vital, but here are some sure fire tracks guaranteed to go down well at any funeral. Rob zombie Living dead girl If you play […]


Hammer King are Power Metal (Or ROYAL METAL as they like to say on their Facebook page) they come from France and are ready to kick your ass majestically with their new album King Is Rising, due to drop November 18. Hammer King blitz through 12 tracks of fist pumping, awesomely cheesy music, you could easily […]


Horrorwood Mannequins have been a spooky part of the underground metal/hardcore scene of Sydney for a long time now. The horror punks have done the hard yards and have suffered many a lineup change, but finally look set to breakthrough. After releasing their long awaited debut album The Hard Way,  and scoring a Musicoz Australian Independent Music […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] DEFIANT: Time Isn’t Healing

[rwp-review id=”0″] Hailing from Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Defiant are a heavy power metal band set to unleash their latest album Time Isn’t Healing on November 25.   The album is a melting pot of classic power metal featuring the usual suspects; muscular riffs, machine gun double pedalling, strong melodic vocals and atmospheric keyboards. The band unashamedly wear their influences […]


Swedish power Metal titans Hammerfall don’t need an introduction, they’ve been going strong for over 20 years and their latest offering “Built To Last” shows that there are no signs of them slowing down. Kicking off with the aptly titled Bring it!,  the band proves they are in fine form with the soaring vocal melodies from Joacim Cans and the […]

[Feature] Appropriate Cooking Soundtracks

It would be safe to say that people love music, and they also love food. So shouldn’t it work best when you combine both? In this article we’ll take a look at some appropriate songs to match up with your cooking and eating habits. Nickleback Something In Your Mouth:  A bouncy beat with crunchy guitars, […]