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Kyle’s Top Five TOM HANKS Films

Our resident film guru Kyle McGrath takes a look at the Top Five Tom Hanks movies.   5. The Money Pit After proving himself as a leading man in the raunchy comedy Bachelor Party Tom Hanks found success again in the much more family friendly film The Money Pit. This was the first film of his I ever saw […]

[FILM REVIEW] Baby Driver

I’ve considered myself a huge fan of Edgar Wright‘s films for some time. Since the release of Shaun of the Dead and with the continuation of his “Cornetto Trilogy” with Hot Fuzz & The World’s End Wright he has created what I would consider being almost perfect films. In only a short amount of time […]


2012 saw the release of Prometheus, the first prequel in the Alien franchise and Ridley Scott’s return to the series following the original Alien (1979). It followed the ill fated crew of the unfortunately named ship Prometheus on its expedition into deep space to search for the possible  origin of mankind based on cave drawings […]


The second film in Legendary Pictures “MonsterVerse” Kong: Skull Island is the story of a team of soldiers, scientists and explorers who at the end of the Vietnam war set off to an uncharted island in the Pacific. Almost immediately they encounter the wrath of the mighty King Kong who destroying their military helicopters leave […]

[DVD REVIEW] Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks is a family adventure film about a teenager who befriends a large creature newly unearthed by a local oil drilling operation. In an attempt to hide his new companion and to assist it in its trouble moving on land he rigs up a truck/wheelchair contraption so it can move around while also providing […]


Over the last 10 years we’ve seen many “long time later” sequels. They’re often comedies which fall flat like Anchorman 2, Zoolander 2 or Bad Santa 2. Only earlier this week we had “XxX: The Return of Xander Cage” 12 years after the previous film in the franchise. These movies usually fail relying too much […]


M Night Shyamalan’s career has had its ups and downs. He was quickly pigeonholed as the “what a twist” guy but I’ve always enjoyed The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable and I’m still torn between whether The Happening was a satire of 50s & 60s horror movies or if it was really just a bad movie. […]

[FILM REVIEW] XXX: Return Of Xander Cage

Both xXx and The Fast & the Furious have a lot in common. They were both directed by Rob Cohen, they were both aimed at the same audience, both starred Vin Diesel, and in both cases Vin Diesel did not return for the direct sequel. The big difference I think is that the makers of The Fast […]

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