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Aiming High with SUMMIT

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Listen to the Interview here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast.:

“It’s our first ever release so it took us a while to get even this done,” explained Wes Beck, bass player for Darwin metalcore band Summit, speaking about their debut E.P ‘Echoes of Aberration’ which is released on August 31. “We wanted to really quality control it and do the best we could and a lot of it came down to finances as well. We’re only a small band and it’s only been just over a year since we played our first live show so it still moved pretty quick for us really. We had one other release – I don’t even know if it’s still out there – called ‘Dissidence’, and that was put out really early on in the piece only to get us shows because no-one knew who we were (laughs).”

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Listen to the full interview with the whole band as they discuss Summit’s history, the single ‘Echoes’, what to expect musically from the E.P, more about the title, the difficulties in being successful from regional areas like Darwin, the advantages of having one vocalist doing the clean and unclean vocals and more.


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