When Bullet For My Valentine Speaks To HEAVY, We Listen!

Ahead of the February release of Bullet For My Valetine’s fourth studio album, ‘Temper Temper’, Matt Tuck proves again that there is a reason why they are hailed as one of the biggest Metal bands in the world.

Welsh Metal band Bullet For My Valentine have been one of the UK’s biggest exports since they stormed onto the scene in 2005 with ‘The Poison’ and now, as they are poised to release their fourth and possibly best album to date, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

‘Temper Temper’ is due out in Australia in February, which is just enough time for fans to familiarise themselves with the new tracks ahead of the band’s tour of Australia with the Soundwave Festival.

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Matt Tuck is very pleased with the response the critics have had to the new material, but he laughs off the claims that the album will be to them, what the Black Album was to Metallica.

“It is very complimenting to hear that, but those comments are just something we take with a pinch of salt,” Tuck says, completely unfazed.

“The album is what it is, and we believe that we have made a great record and that it is going to do us really good things,” he went on with.

‘Temper Temper’ picks up where the last album, Fever, leaves its fans. The music and lyrics are brutal and fast, inspired by real events that Tuck had gone through.

“It wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t not trying too or trying too, but it makes the songs more relatable when you write about personal experiences and how they happen. Instead of just trying to tell a story,” he explains.

With the driving need to channel his emotions into his music and lyrics, Tuck is quite happy to take control when Bullet For My Valentine are in the writing and recording process.

Bullet For My Valentine: Temper Temper

“I am definitely the main songwriter although Padge (Michael Paget) contributed heavily on Truth Hurts and Riot, but mainly it was myself and Moose (Michael Thomas) just writing together. We are at that stage in our career where everyone is comfortable with it working that way,” Tuck says.

“On the first couple of albums it was a bit different, we were all jostling for position and everyone had tons of ideas and it was a bit of a case where too many cooks spoiled the broth and it was confusing and messy. But now if there is ever a decision to be made, it falls on my shoulders,”

And decisions such as travelling half way around the world to record the album in Thailand also fell to Tuck.

“We had decided that we wanted to record the album without any of the unnecessary time wasting stuff, like recording demo’s and then coming back to the tracks later to rework them. We wanted to be spontaneous and we also wanted to write and record without any distractions,” Tuck says.

“Moose and myself jumped on a plane, along with our producer Don (Gilmore) and we hired a studio and villa and locked ourselves away for about 5 weeks until we had the backbone of the album down, then we returned to the UK to finish it,” Tuck explains.

The ‘working holiday’ as Tuck describes it, gave him and Moose some much needed time to really sit down and work on the album. Being able to work on it 24/7 in a tiny beach town with no distractions, and with no one knowing who they were worked in their advantage.

“It has really allowed us to create our best album to date,” Tuck believes.

With songs like Riot, Temper Temper and an encore to their hit Tears Don’t Fall, Bullet For My Valentine definitely seem to be onto a winner with the new record and they can’t wait to play it live.

“We have our main songs for our set list, but we are also really looking forward to seeing if songs like Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2) can be incorporated into a live show. We hit the studio to practice this week so we will see how it goes,” Tuck says.

The band return to our shores in February for Soundwave Festival and their fans will be able to experience the energy and raw talent that these musicians possess.
They will also be joined by good mates the Cancer Bats for some sidewaves while they are here, along with Miss May I to round out the bill.

“We love coming to Australia!” Tuck exclaims.

“Who wouldn’t? It is the perfect mix of America and the UK and we absolutely love touring down there,” he smiles.

“We can’t wait to show off the new album as well and see what the fans think of it,” Tuck says.

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Written by Michelle O'Rance


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