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With the inaugural Knight & Day Festival at Kryal Castle in Ballarat just around the corner, HEAVY felt it appropriate to recognize some of this countries finest up and comers by asking them a few questions and tips.

To be held on December 30 and 31, Knight & Day features recognizable names such as Parkway Drive, Polaris, Thy Art Is Murder and Clowns, but how many of you REALLY know some of the other acts such as Diamond Construct, Future Static, Justice for The Damned, Trophy Eyes or Windwaker?

How about Paperweight, Terra, The Beautiful Monument, The Gloom In The Corner, Void Of Vision or To The Grave?

These guys are all the next generation of Australian music, and strongly believing that HEAVY decided to reach out with a few Q & A’s to see what they have to say about a number of interesting and a few more trivial, but important, things.

Today we catch up with Void Of Vision.

HEAVY: You are officially part of history, playing at one of Australia’s newest festivals on the first line-up. That’s pretty cool, even if you never play again!

VOV: It is pretty crazy! We’ve had a pretty good run with playing inaugural festivals here in Australia, jumping on the first ever Good Things Festival a few years ago as well. That first time will always be so special because there’s no preconceived notion of what the day will be like based off previous years/experience. I think the first one of the bat is always the best, so it’s an absolute privilege.

Knight & Day is held over December 30 and 31. Would you rather be playing or partying the New Year in on December 31?

Playing for SURE. I don’t think I’d personally be kicking off proceedings on a typical NYE until the time our set starts anyway, so if anything it’s a bonus getting to play some rock n’ roll before we drink away the mess that is 2021.

Festivals generate a great party vibe anyway, but this one should be pretty special.

A music festival in a castle is a different breed of insane. If someone had told me two years ago we’d be going without live music for the foreseeable future and our first show back would be a festival with Parkway Drive in a castle I’d call them batshit crazy.

Which of the other bands on the line-up are you most looking forward to playing with?

Honestly, it’s way too hard to pick between all of our friends on the lineup that we just haven’t seen or played with for so long, so I’ll go outside the box and pick The Getaway Plan. Other Voices, Other Rooms is an album that I look back on so fondly and associate with nothing but great memories growing up – to see it live in full will be an absolute treat.

Who do you think will be the biggest pranksters?

That’s a tricky one to be honest, I think everyone will be out of practice and completely out of their element being at an actual show for the first time in so long. Windwaker have been bringing the much-needed laughs on the internet over the pandemic, so I dare say they’ll be in fine form and raring to go if anyone was to step up to the plate.

Do bands actually pre-plan jokes on other bands, or are they more a product of opportunity?

I think everything of that nature stems from opportunity, it’s hard to not bite sometimes when presented with pure gold.

Just say you are performing on December 31 and your last song finishes at midnight. What song are you playing to welcome in the new year?

Playing that dirty ass breakdown at the end of The Lonely People to bring in 2022. End this year with the exact pissed off mood it bought throughout the entirety of it.

Two day festivals aren’t easy work for the bands or punters. Firstly, what survival tips would you give the fans?

I think that this one has the cheat code for everyone already, with the option for accommodation. Usually it’s the artists who get the privilege to stay off the site in an Airbnb, but literally everyone has to at this festival, so day 2 the whole place will be completely recharged. There’s your festival hack, actually getting a decent night sleep.
What about other bands and yourselves?

Always ask for wet wipes on your rider.

What plans does your band have heading into 2022?

We have the busiest touring schedule we’ve ever had, domestic and internationally, as well as a hell of a lot of new music. VOV hot girl summer is imminent.

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