[VIDEO] Opeth Release New Track ‘Will O The Wisp’ With Lyric Video


The legendary Swedish metallers Opeth have been the talk of the town with their highly anticipated upcoming release Sorceress which is scheduled to release on September 30th via Nuclear Blast. In the build-up to the launch of their 12th record, the band have revealed yet another beautiful track to the world titled ‘Will O The Wisp’.

In a recent interview, vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt gave further insight into  the track. “It’s a song inspired by “Dun Ringil”l by Jethro Tull (from the album Stormwatch, 1979). I wanted to do a song with my capo really high, so it’s up on the fifth fret. It makes the guitar sound really glittery. I just wanted to go for a simple, catchy vocal melody. It has a slightly positive vibe to it, but the lyrics are really, really dark. It’s a beautiful song, I think. I’m really happy.

Listen to ‘Will O The Wisp’ below and lose yourself to the magic.


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