Video Feature: ATLVS “Sick” 🤮

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Australian metalcore youngsters, ATLVS, recently announced their debut EP “Memoir” and asked us to feature the first single from it called “Sick”.

“Memoir” is out on the 14th of June –

Memoir was produced, co-written, mixed & mastered by Ionei Heckenberg (Ocean Sleeper) at Zanari Records.

Lead Vocalist Jesse Buckingham says that the new single “Sick” is, “…an analysis of the behaviour I have and still do exhibit in times of limited perspective. Falling back onto old habits as a means of supporting current issues is no way of moving forward, and it is more or less an apology to the friends and family I have hurt in my pursuit to find who I am.”

Buckingham went on to talk about the EP Memoir, saying that “…the main themes of the Memoir EP are memory and the subjective nature of truth. We conjure memories to suit the mythology we create within ourselves and share with the people around us as a means to connect and relate. We all engineer a reality that is best suited to our collective and individual preference, and that, like everything in this life, comes at a cost.”

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