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Truckfighters: Fuzzomentary

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“When I grew up I came to understand that Truckfighters were not just the best band I ever heard but the best band that’s ever existed” Josh Homme (QOTSA, Kyuss)

I had to start with a quote from Josh Homme, after all ladies, “This motion picture is rated sexy”.

Desert rock in snow covered Sweden. Who would’ve thought? The scene in Sweden seems to be pretty strong with bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard and Let Me Out to name a few. You also hear some music from other bands through out this DVD that rocks but after all we are here to watch Truckfighters.

The Fuzzomentary is basically about 3 mates and their lives in the band, Truckfighters. It’s well put together and not too clean and over edited. The guys seem to be themselves and it comes across very naturally. It follows Dango (guitar), Ozo (bass & vocals) and Pezo (drums) on their journey from their hometown of Örebro, Sweden to touring through Germany and supporting Fu Manchu and getting to Califuzznia to play with QOTSA.

It’s a great blend of tongue in check and pure unadulterated kick arse fuzz rock. They draw from their self confessed influences strongly, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Fu Manchu yet there’s no pretense to sound like anyone else. They just have a love for kick arse balls to the wall fuzz and stoner rock… and that exactly what they deliver!

The crazy montages add an element of humour (as do the extra’s on the DVD!) but you also see the human side of their lives as you meet their families and see them in their regular jobs. What really draws you in is while you see the guys recording in their own studio, the Bombshelter, and of course while they’re out gigging. Although there is the obvious humour, as their site says “Probably the best band in the world”, these guys really can play. Pezo’s drumming is beyond awesome. No regular beats and basic fills. He hits ‘em hard and fast. Pity though the band always seem to be waiting for him and as he says in the doco “the clock is not a real thing, it’s just made up by man”. Clearly he’s hoping this explains every reason why he’s ever been late and due to that fact, it’s not his fault!

Dango’s guitar is up there with Fu and the best of them. He explains “the best experience is to play the music you made yourself live in front of a lot of people” and it shows that he thrives on it. Even after blowing an amp on stage, the other guys jamming while waiting for another, once it arrives, Dango’s right into and giving it his all.

Ozo, just potters away in his day job, working in a ski shop and after work, he’s straight into the Bombshelter. He seems the most frustrated at Pezo’s lack of commitment. Maybe it’s due to the fact that they are one hell of a thundering rhythm section and rely on each other for much of the bands strength and power. They really boost the guitar and the band really does just literally fuckin explode off the stage!

As well as starring the Truckfighters, it also features guest spots by the likes of Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Fu Manchu, Eddie Glass, Ruben Romano, Alfredo Hernandez, Witchcraft, Graveyard, Valient Thorr and more with the voice over done by none other than Chris Cockrell.

The Truckfighter Fuzzomentary is by Joerg Steineck and Christian Maciejewski. Joerg is also the man behind Lo Sound Desert. A documentary about the Californian desert rock scene that started in 2005 and as the Facebook page says “will probably be released in 2012. Or when its time comes.” The main reason Lo Sound Desert has taken so long is that Jeorg lives in Germany, which is a long way to continually travel to finish it off. Those that are keen to see it though are also somewhat forgiving as it’s known this will be one of the greatest documentaries and possibly the best to ever catalogue this particular scene. You can find out more and actually help fund the doco here.

If you’re into bands like Kyuss and Fu Manchu, dig stoner fuzz or just band doco’s, you will definitely dig seeing this!

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