TOOL Fans Disrupt New Zealand Flight

In a week where heavy metal has been in mainstream news for all the wrong reasons, two heavy metal fans disrupted a Jetstar flight en route from Auckland to Christchurch.

The two TOOL fans who were heading back to Christchurch after attending the band’s May 8th Auckland  show, behaved loudly on the flight, threatening other passengers and hurling abuse at crew members when they refused to play TOOL’s music on the flight. Taking matters into their own idiotic hands, they then proceeded to take out their own CD players  and blast the cabin with TOOL songs.

A fellow passenger reported to  that they appeared drunk and were supposedly drinking their own alcohol that they boarded the flight with. The passenger, who had also attended the concert said they were giving metal fans a bad name “Half the plane, including myself, were also TOOL fans and know how to behave” she said.

On landing, the duo, a 40 year old man and a man in his early twenties, or possibly late teens were met by unimpressed police but were let off with an informal warning.

The witness also said that when one of the two realised that police were waiting for them, tried to disguise himself by changing his clothes.

A spokeseperson for Jetstar confirmed “one of the two had definitely been drinking, they were rowdy and their behaviour was unsociable”

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Written by Vix Vile


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