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These Four Walls

“It’s always been our ethos to take whatever negative shit or bad stuff that’s going on and kind of flip it on its head and accept that there’s a lesson or a value in it that can be turned into a positive,” explained Gray Vickers, guitarist for These Four Walls, talking about the bands latest single ‘Over and Over’.


“Musically, when we were putting it together, it came together really quickly. It was just in the practice space and within half an hour or an hour, we had the bare bones of the song done. Of course, we put in a bit of work in after that but in terms of the vocal melodies and guitar parts and all that sort of stuff, that was pretty much knocked out in the first day. Steve (Gibb, vocals) likes to take the vocals away and really mold them. He will put the song on and drive around and listen to it for a couple of hours and whatever is going on in his mind at the time he basically marinates in that for a couple of hours and writes it down and does all that stuff. I think for him it’s about overcoming the barrage of negativity that exists from day-to-day.”

“He’s a really out there person, but he’s also a sensitive person and… when there’s so much negativity in social media and the people we interact with all the time people tend to stew on things a lot and I think for him it’s about getting that out of his head and realising the world is not that bad. There are some assholes in it but we can always be better and be better versions of ourselves and that’s how we get to that point.”

Listen to the full audio to hear Gray talk more about the single, the benefits of releasing E.P’s and singles over full albums, the reasons behind the bands decision to relocate to Queensland from New Zealand, the difference in music cultures and opportunities between New Zealand and Australia, how to stay relevant in the modern saturated music market and more.

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Written by Kris Peters

Kris has been writing freelance for about 20 years. Kris always found his taste in music a little too eclectic for the mainstream market but has found his niche writing for HEAVY. Based in Brisbane, Kris also runs a promotions company, KSP Productions.

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