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After the recent release of their second EP Third Time Lucky (all is explained in the interview) Brisbane hardcore punk outfit The Wolston Butchers are currently preparing to consolidate with an upcoming local show, talk of an NQ Tour and new music in the works.


On the back of catchy singles “Blokes of the World” and “Bring The Meat”, The Wolston Butchers look set to break out of their role as a promising band and into the big leagues with a quirky collection of songs that combines skate punk, hardcore metal and harmonious interludes in a mixing of genres that on paper shouldn’t work but somehow does.


Vocalist Josh and guitarist Tom joined HEAVY for a chat about the EP and more.


We start by mentioning the eclectic range of genres and how The Wolston Butchers came up with them.


“(There was) no real set plan,” Josh measured. “ It’s just all music we love listening to, all of those genres so we just jam it all together in one song.”


“We just write the music that we wanna hear,” Tom added. “ It’s more a feel thing. If something doesn’t feel like it works then it doesn’t get produced. If you listen to the songs without Josh’s lyrics it would probably be a lot heavier and I think with Josh’s singing it levels the whole playing field out so they are almost hardcore songs with skate punk melodic singing.”



Third Time Lucky is a collection of six songs that all push the crossover genre philosophy in their own right, but when it comes to the musical direction as a whole Tom says the process is pretty simple.


“Everything we write is all just music that we like listening to,” he shrugged, “and if something comes up when we’re jamming and someone doesn’t like it we’ll say it and everyone will agree to change it and write something we do like”.


“The songs… there are some serious songs and there are some more light-hearted songs,” Josh chimed in, “which in all the music I listen to I like serious lyrics that have proper meaning and I also like light-hearted stuff. You can’t go too hard on either I don’t think so it’s a good blend.”


In the full interview, Josh and Tom talk about new music and the possibility of a full-length record in the future, writing new material in the COVID world, drawing musical inspiration, adding humour to your music, where the band name came from, the band’s mission statement and more.


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