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neptuneThe Neptune Power Federation
Lucifer’s Universe
Release Date: 14 November 2015
Erotic Volcano
Review by Kris Peters

Sometimes when listening to an album it is best not to know the members and their history, and rather let the music and its quality dictate your opinion.

Such is The Neptune Power Federation with their new album Lucifer’s Universe. A wonderfully off kilter selection of songs, which lends its style to ‘70s inspired Black Sabbath riffs and a psychedelic and hypnotic vocal and rhythm section that threatens to transport the listener to another time and place.

This, the bands second album, is the soundtrack to a companion piece graphic novel with each song accompanying a namesake chapter in the comic. And as such, it would be remiss to single out particular tracks for mention.

As a standalone listen, the album is compelling; with the comic, unforgettable.

It is, when listened to in its entirety, 10 unholy anthems of operatic, heavy rock; a soundtrack to a faraway place and a dangerous time that is enchanting, mesmerising, and treacherous all in one.


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