The Ministry Of Metal – Top 10 2017 Albums – Special: Part 1

Well after twelve months of amazing releases for all things heavy ‘The Ministry of Metal‘ and it’s host, yours truly Metal V has listened to and immersed himself in as much as he can and had to compile the obligatory ‘Top Albums for 2017’.

Not gonna lie, this year was full of amazing heavy albums and there were most definitely some last minute changes that reflected my thoughts, feelings and emotional connection to the artistic and personal connection to music and its loving embrace that we all find so soothing and cathartic.

On this, the first part of my 2017 albums of the year I present it in two parts:

Part 1 is divided into two: The first half of the show features some of my favourite albums that just didn’t quite make it into my top ten but are ABSOLUTELY worthy of recognition.

Part 2 features my top ten songs for 2017.

I’m not giving anything away here so, dear purveyors and lovers of all things heavy are going to have to listen to hear what I consider a great and worthy album of last year.

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to Part 1 as much as enjoyed creating it for you.

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Written by Neil Vance

Metal V is a passionate, devoted METAL fan who's contributed to metal press & radio for over two decades. He lives & breathes metal 24/7 & surrounds himself with it always!

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