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Beast In Black are back!!! Back in November 2017 their debut album Beserker showed that former Battle Beat member Anton Kabanen was bringing his old magic to his new band. Now that magic continues with From Hell With Love which hits stores on the 8th February. HEAVY Mag recently sat down with Kabanen and had a chat to see what fans can expect from the new album.

“I think the biggest pressure was the deadline,” says Kabanen when I ask him whether or not the band felt any pressure with this album after the brilliance of Berserker. “Writing music is a fun thing for me but it is also a challenge, I think it is always a challenge for the songwriter. There was pressure because of the schedule and the deadline. Luckily since I was a teenager I always write in my free time so most of the songs were already written before the debut album actually. The only one written spontaneously here was the title track. I was trying out some new recording equipment and came up with this riff and then I wrote some verses and we decided that it was definitely album material so I completed it… but the other songs were all 99% ready except for lyrics. Lyrics always take time but I always leave them until the last.”

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And if you are an Anime or Manga fan then you will certainly want to buy this album because several series inspired Kabanen while he was putting the album together. “Five or six tracks are inspired by Beserk,” he says. “And then there is ‘Cry Out For A Hero’ which is based on the series Fist Of The North Star. The rest of the songs though are all about my personal stuff and fictional stuff… I guess there are a few statements in there as well. The last track of the album is definitely a statement which is meant to uplift you.”


From Hell With Love is out through Nuclear Blast Records on the 8th February

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