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Ten Record Labels You Need To Know In 2019

There was a time when if a metal band wasn’t on Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner Records then they probably weren’t…
Tours & Festivals

THERION Announce First Ever Australian Tour

THERION was founded in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson their debut album “Of Darkness…“ was released in 1991 and was a…

SCARDUST Release Video for “Queen Of Insanity”

In the lead up to their ‘Sandstorm Over Berlin’ show dates, Scardust release their stunning video for “Queen Of Insanity”,…
Album Review

THERION ‘Beloved Antichrist’

I feel I need to preface this review with a small disclaimer of sorts. Beloved Antichrist is literally a lifelong…

Interview with Christofer Johnsson of Therion

I see a full-scale production with sets and props and lights and all kinds of glorious things. One day. Goth…