On October 4th, Barcelona’s Syberia will release their third album, Seeds Of Change, via Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records. 

Syberia craft intricate and involving instrumental rock opuses, and they have never sounded more assured than on Seeds Of Change.

Following in the footsteps of Caspian, Mogwai and Russian Circles, their instrumental works are complex yet instantly accessible, weighty, gorgeously melodic, and always deeply moving.

Broadening the spectrum of emotion demonstrated on 2016’s Resiliency, Seeds Of Change is triumphant, edgy, soothing, urgent, haunting, aggressive, nostalgic and so much more – every song featuring a diverse array of tones and moods, and all of them flowing seamlessly together. “We have always liked combining elements like darkness, fragility and strength. The contrasts they create are a core part of our lives and they become very apparent in our music. If we had to describe it, we’d say this is a dark, delicate and powerful record. However, it’s full of smoother passages which make it dynamic.” Pick any track and these shifting elements are apparent.Though lacking lyrics, Seeds Of Change tells a story regardless, which is encapsulated in the title, its narrative centered on an individual trying to escape from the masses and the dark side of society. “He is someone who is struggling to maintain his individuality, perhaps to protect his imagination in this grey reality we live in. So we pictured this person as trying to keep his colorful inner world alive, but he is chased by a group of faceless people with a beehive mentality who aim to turn him into one of their own – a black and white, dull copy of a human being. We imagined our hero as the last remaining seed for a change for the better in the world – somebody that will fight until his last breath to change the establishment in one way or another. While there is one seed out there, there is hope that something beautiful can still grow.” With song titles selected based on the feelings they individually evoke these too contribute to the story, as does the record’s artwork, though the band are happy that nothing is overly explained, giving the listener space to interpret the music as they see fit. 

Written by Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.

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