[FILM NEWS] SUICIDE SQUAD – Director Regrets

Though DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ performed well in the box office, it was almost universally slammed for poor editing, character development, and pacing.


Director David Ayer was initially dismissive of criticism, calling critics ‘vitriolic’ and stating the movie was ‘made for the fans’. Many


Recently, however, Ayer has doubled back on his statements, coming clean with an honest reflection on ‘Suicide Squad.’ In his spiel, he calls the movie ‘controversial’, and wishes he ‘had a time machine’ so he could make major changes to the plot and characters, giving them a ‘more grounded story’ – taking on-board what has been the brunt of ‘Suicide Squad‘s critique.

Bar the invention of time machines, Ayer will have to put this project behind him – and bring this level of honesty and self-scrutiny into fhis future works.

Written by louisbrierley

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