Suffocation Guitarist Buys His Own CD

Most bands can usually count on at least their mothers buying their albums. Suffocation guitarist, Guy Marchais took the dilemma most bands face these days with pirating not generating sales for bands one step further by going into a cd store and buying his own product.

In a stance that brings to light first hand the struggle bands these days are facing with low sales, Marchais has posted on YouTube the following video in an effort to try to change peoples attitudes about downloading music illegally.

Mr Marchais, HEAVY salutes you.

Vix Vile


  1. I had the pleasure of touring with Suffo in 2010.
    They’re some of the coolest guys you can imagine, and perhaps THE best live band i’ve ever seen.
    I know they, like many others, are having financial hassles.
    I think that SUCKS!
    Contribute to the cause!

  2. I love this! Wish more people still felt that way. I get promo downloads of things but I’ll still go and buy a physical CD if I love it, I love having an item to keep as he said. I’m glad he did this!

  3. Very cool thing from a very cool band. I am dreading the day we can’t physically purchase an album and hold it in our hands and have to download it instead.

  4. Clearly he’s not hurting for money if he can afford to buy stuff he already gets for free. I’m not even sure of the message here.. “We want more money, buy our cd’s, this is how buying a cd is done.” Well no fucking shit, sherlock.

  5. I bought my copy from Amazon on pre-order. I’m one of those weirdos that still buys CDs instead of digital copies.

    Support metal, because the fans are the only ones that are going to. The radio stations don’t care about metal, the record companies doesn’t care about metal, and pop culture doesn’t care about metal. If the fans don’t put some skin in the game its going to die off like Classical and Big Band.


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