Riding The Rock Train To Glory With 7DESCENT

Nashville based rock outfit 7Descent might just be starting out on their path in the rock world, but if enthusiasm and talent are anything to go by, these guys are already two steps ahead of the pack. Blending all forms of rock ranging from classic to hard, 7Descent have struck upon a timeless sound but […]

AMORPHIS Wear Their Halo With Pride

“I think there was 35 songs in the end so Jens tried to pick the ones to make a good package.” With the imminent release of their latest album Halo on February 11, Finnish heavy metal outfit Amorphis have produced an album that is as beautiful as it is melancholic. The completing chapter of what […]

BABYBEARD Prepare for Domination

Heavy metal is, and always has been, a unifier of people and cultures. It has brought together people of opposing race, colour, and religion, and has never asked or demanded anything in return. Occasionally, those forces brought together are difficult to understand or comprehend, but just by virtue of the fact metal music is involved […]

Shaping The Beauty Of Metal With KALLIDAD

Isn’t it funny how a genre of music that is supposed to be as far removed as you can get in terms of attitude and acceptance still has a stereotype? Not that it is blatantly obvious and bickered about like some genres, but most metalheads have an unwavering belief that to be heavy metal you […]

PRIDELANDS Harness The Light With Debut Album

“We wanted to take a lot of elements from a lot of music that we like outside of metal and heavy music”. Melbourne based metal outfit Pridelands are on the cusp of releasing their debut album Light Bends after a frustrating last couple of years that saw the band ride the euphoric wave of a […]

Staring Down The Future With FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY

You can always rely on one thing with every new release from Fit For An Autopsy. It will smash you in the face. In keeping their end of the bargain, the upcoming release of the band’s sixth album Oh What The Future Holds (January 14) sees Fit For An Autopsy producing an album that is […]

Taming The Voyeur In Us All With UNDEROATH

“It was the scariest shows we’ve ever played. I’ve played big shows. I’ve played tiny shows. Since I was 12 years old, I have been playing in front of crowds and those were the most terrifying.” After seven albums you would expect Underoath to have a grasp on things musically, and with the upcoming Voyeurist […]

Reworking The Classics With BARRELHOUSE

“It kind of gives everyone an inside view of this band and what we’re doing” Brisbane metal outfit Barrelhouse are not your normal, conventional exponents of heavy metal music. Rising from the ashes of death metal band Nescient, Barrelhouse bring you everything you love about metal, and possibly some things you didn’t realise you loved […]

DISKUST Announce Vocalist, Drop New Single

“It was a big thing to us losing CJ, but Kristian has slipped straight in.” Brisbane metal outfit Diskust have enjoyed something of a rebirth during the last 18 months. Despite the obvious obstacles placed in theirs – and every band’s – path by COVID and lockdowns, Diskust have managed to tour from Cairns in […]


“Punk, harcore, metal have always been in the same risotto at festivals for a while now, and they seem to work.” In Hearts Wake are a band that believes in the gift of giving. Not just through their music, but in the sense of giving something back to the world via music and the planet […]

Establishing Your Musical Identity With KID PRESENTABLE

“Every band starts wanting to be their favourite band, and you can hear that influence, and it’s pure caveman moshing riffs.” ACT hardcore outfit Kid Presentable are riding high – and rightfully so – on the success of their recently released debut long player Modern Living Fear. A blending of everything that is good about […]

Finding Your Way With ZUKO

“Essentially, it’s about trying to rid myself of all of these negative traits that have been passed on to me while I was growing up.” Brisbane hardcore outfit Zukø recently took their first steps into the music world with the release of their debut single Roe Ct. A fierce and uncompromising track, Roe Ct has […]

Keeping Higher Ground With MIDNIGHT ALIBI

“It’s about ticking off that bucket list and living out your idea of being a musician, and living that dream.” After a successful U.S tour which took in places like the Viper Room, Whisky Au-Go-Go and the Rainbow Bar Australian rock outfit Midnight Alibi should have been riding the euphoric success all the way back […]

Hanging With Doom Crew Inc & ZAKK WYLDE

“as far as it being comforting, it’s kind of like my relationship with my wife. It’s like a web, and now I have her in the web I can make her life absolutely miserable (laughs)” Sometimes predictably can be a good thing in music. To an extent. Some of the greatest bands history – think […]


“I’m excited. We tried to write material that I hope can be appreciated in places other than the one I grew up in, and let’s see. I try to write about things that people all over the world care about.” Here at HEAVY we like nothing more than a bit of off beat humour with […]

Going All In With KARNIVOOL

“We’ve found a bit of value in taking pieces of music to a stage that are either not complete or, if I’m being honest, we haven’t actually hit that confidence point with them.” After a prolonged period of silence – eight years to be precise – Perth rock outfit Karnivool finally released new material last […]

SUNSET JUNKIES Find Light In Darkness

With the recent release of their album Darkness Visible, Brisbane progressive metal outfit Sunset Junkies joined HEAVY for a Q&A session to bring us up to speed on developments. HEAVY – Sunset Junkies recently released the album Darkness Visible. How has the early response been? Sunset Junkies – I’ve been very humbled by an incredible response, […]

Throwing Caution To The Wind With SETYOURSAILS

“We don’t judge any genre. We don’t think metalcore is THE best genre when it comes to music. We respect everyone who’s a musician.” Following their recent signing to Napalm Records, German metalcore outfit Setyoursails have wasted no time in announcing their second album, and debut for the label, Nightfall. Blending a fresh arrangement of […]

TRUCK Make Good With Debut Single

“I dont know that we think too much about it, it’s just what we are.” Australian music has always had that timeless feel about it. From the grass roots up, the good old Aussie battler ethos has seen countless bands and musicians fight for their dreams, in the process creating a plethora of musical unions […]

Standing Out From The Crowd With CLAM SANDWICH

“I can present as many guitar riffs and tunes as I want to the boys, but it really isn’t a song until they kick in all the pieces that they would like to hear in a song.” Far North Queensland rock outfit Clam Sandwich are no strangers to the scene. Over three previous albums the […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane With OUT OF THIS WORLD

“It would be like the same thing as when Ronnie James Dio was the singer in Black Sabbath.” Proving that music transcends all barriers – including time – Kee Marcello has recently put together a new project that, although a stand-alone entity, still bears more than a passing resemblance to the band in which he […]

The Head Of The Snake With ALERA

“We’re here to make good music. Everyone in the band is music focussed” Melbourne post-hardcore outfit Alera are riding high on the back of their recent debut EP Beware The Snake. More than five years in the planning, Beware The Snake is more than your traditional debut EP. Over many months that led in to […]

KOBRAKAI Look To Future With New Track

Gold Coast rockers Kobrakai are preparing for the release of their latest single Glimpse, also their first release as a bona-fide duo. Following the work-related loss of their third member Fuzz, Kobrakai elected to continue as a two piece, content in the knowledge that musically their creative flair was more than enough for the recording […]

Existential Reckoning With OF MICE & MEN

“It’s like spring cleaning for the soul.” With the recent release of their latest album Echo, California metal outfit Of Mice & Men also wrapped up a trilogy of releases that, if loosely described, is a three part story of loss, grief and recovery. Of course, as with all great bands and their music, there […]

Creating Waves With FUTURE STATIC

“It’s a metaphor for being overwhelmed and submerged in all the parts of your life that you’ve created.” Often replacing a vocalist can sound the death knoll for a band, regardless of how long they have been in the industry or how successful they are. Possibly because the vocalist is generally the focal point of […]

Bringing The Swan Song Tour Down Under With THE PLOT IN YOU

“I learned where we do best. We definitely do the best in Melbourne and Sydney.” Following the success of their most recent album Swan Song, US quartet The Plot In You have set their sights on Australia, with plans to bring the Swan Song tour to this country and New Zealand in September 2022. The […]

Rocking Out With WOLFMOTHER

“I didn’t wanna get deep and meaningful. I didn’t wanna be carrying the weight of some kind of profound lyricism. I just wanna write something that is gonna be good to play at soundcheck after you’ve driven eight hours.” Wolfmother have always very much been a musical outlet driven by Andrew Stockdale. His vision, drive, […]

FRENZAL RHOMB – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Frenzal Rhomb are like that petulant child you see at birthdays sticking all of the chocolates in his pocket and unwrapping all of the presents at somebody else’s party. As in you don’t know who the fuck invited them, but you are also glad they did! Since their formation in 1992 Frenzal Rhomb have been […]

Deadly Alliances With BURY ME

Following the frustrations of an idle last eighteen months, Sydney metalcore outfit Bury Me have announced the Deadly Alliance tour in January and February 2022, which will be co-headlined with Adelaide metal machine SIGNV/S. After establishing a name for themselves on the back of their intense live performances before that option was cruelly stripped away […]

Merry Blah Blah Blah With LORDI

“The joke, the slogan was already there.” Lordi have not just embraced the festive season with their recent offerings, they have pretty much smashed it out of the ballpark! Not only have the band released their own special yuletide carol, Merry Blah, Blah, Blah, which is one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking Christmas songs […]

Shaking The Foundations With SHAKE THE TEMPLE

“I listen back to it now, and it comes together pretty well.” They say good things come to those who wait, and that is certainly the case with the debut album from Melbourne rock outfit Shake The Temple, which took nearly three years from conception to release. Not that the band deliberately took their time, […]

VOODOO BLOO Get Under Your Skin

“Lyrically this is a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the album.” Despite their relative youth, New Zealand rock outfit Voodoo Bloo are showing maturity beyond their years with the release of their latest single, Skin. Following on from the band’s impressive debut album Jacobus, which had more of a punk rock […]

The Odd Couple With ODDBO¥

“we just got creative in the studio and came out with this track” What do you get when creative minds suddenly become idle? Well, the answer to that could admittedly be anything, but in the case of Jackson Bentley and Ben Heidrich the answer is A LOT. Better known for their part in more alternate […]

Speaking VOLUMES About The Future

Since bursting onto the music scene with their debut EP The Concept Of Dreaming in 2010, L.A metalcore outfit Volumes has ridden somewhat of a rollercoaster ride of success. While their music has always been highly appealing to their massive legion of fans, the band themselves often courted controversy and infamy to the extreme and […]

Desperate Times With BOSTON MANOR

Blackpool rock outfit Boston Manor are riding high on the back of their recent EP Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures ,which highlights generational change in the modern society we all live in and with. It is an EP about dealing with the cards life has dealt us in a positive light, especially in the current turmoil […]

Hitting The Road With SIGNV/S

Following up on the success of their recent EP Disgrace, Adelaide metalcore outfit Signv/s have just announced a co-headlining tour with Victorian metal merchants Bury Me. After their recent sold out E.P launch show, Signv/s are hitting the road nationally for the first time in late January and early February,  travelling through four states on […]

Musical Progression With TOGETHER IN TRAGEDY

“We wanted to expand on it and create something that was familiar sounding enough but still each track had some new elements to bring in.” With music and genres becoming increasingly entwined by sheer volume of releases, becoming a band that stands out from the pack is becoming increasingly more difficult. Sydney metalcore outfit Together […]

GOJIRA Tribute Band Set For Two Huge Shows

“Thanks for having a yarn about what we’ve been trying to put on for nearly 12 months now!” Gojira are one of the most recognisable names in metal. Their delicate, precise and downright near impossible music and riffage is a wonder to behold and one which Australian audiences are unlikely to get the pleasure of […]

Revisiting Hallowed Ground With LARRY LEADFOOT

“I think someone described it as high quality groove metal, which I hadn’t thought of before, but I think is a pretty good description.” Since relocating to Melbourne and giving his band Larry Leadfoot a bit of a makeover in the process, drummer Nick Parkinson has experienced all of the highs and lows in a […]

Facing Your Nemesis With TOOTHDRINKER

Not many bands take as huge a risk on their debut album as Cardiff based rock/metal outfit Toothdrinker. With a singular vision of bringing to life one of his favourite movies by way of musical homage, Sam Khaneka has pulled off the extremely difficult, transforming the events surrounding Resident Evil 3: Nemesis into a grandiose […]

VEAL Have The Meat To Please You

Gold Coast metal/punk/whateverthefucktheywannaplay outfit Veal are somewhat of a musical enigma on the local scene. For a band comprising members of some of the best bands on the Glitter Strip, they haven’t done a great deal over their near decade long existence. Not for any other reason than they couldn’t be bothered. Veal is truly […]


“There’s fantastic lyrics in that song. I think it’s one of Clint’s strongest lyrical songs to date.” For more than 20 years, Brisbane rock outfit The Butterfly Effect have been one of the best and most successful rock bands in Australia. Their music, while having an unmistakable hard edge, has also resonated on a deeper […]

CRYPT CRAWLER Deliver Transmissions From The Future

Perth’s very own Crypt Crawler are about to thrill their fans with a live stream event that has been months in the planning. Titled Transmissions From The Future the live stream will see the band celebrate the music of their back catalogue including their brand new album Future Usurper. This week HEAVY Cinema’s David Griffiths […]

Seeing The Light With THE DARKNESS

The Darkness are a band who have always done things their own way, and in the process built a dedicated legion of worldwide fans that embraces each chaotic moment of the bands’ existence. In the midst of a global pandemic last year, the band released their album Easter Is Cancelled, an album more thought provoking […]

Going It Alone With ROSS JENNINGS

Better known as vocalist for progressive metal heavyweights Haken, Ross Jennings has today launched another side of his musical psyche. A side that has laid dormant until the events of the past 18 months afforded him a rare and unexpected opportunity to explore his other passion in music, the guitar. Branching out into other genres […]

RHAPSODY OF FIRE Bask In Glory Of New Album

Widely regarded as the pioneers of symphonic power metal, Rhapsody Of Fire return with their latest album, Glory For Salvation on November 26. The album is already being touted as a new era for Rhapsody Of Fire, continuing the trilogy started with previous album The Eighth Mountain. Founding member Alex Staropoli joined HEAVY to discuss […]


“I really want to get a good live show going and be one of those bands that you need to go and see” With an eye on the future and a desire to break free from the shackles created by a Covid stricken musical landscape, Sydney instrumentalist and songwriter Sam Heidke slowly set about finding […]

Taking Back Control With SERAPHIC

“Thematically, this track does deal with some pretty heavy stuff” Brisbane symphonic metal outfit Seraphic have always ridden a fine line between heaviness and beauty with their heavy synth based sound. Their music is almost theatrical, combining the beautiful side of metal with the brutality it is better known for, with vocalist and synth player […]

The Sum Of All Parts With MILES TO MIDNIGHT

“there’s definitely a lot more to the album, a lot of different sounds coming.” Finding that balance between musical influences can be even more challenging than writing music. Every band has to be influenced from another, but while many bands take influence from bands of the same or similar genre, some dip deep into the […]

TUMBLEWEED Set To Be Uncaged

“The kids these days, they don’t know how good they’ve got it.” Australian music is on the rise. With the world around us locked out and international bands no longer on the immediate touring circuit, music fans are being forced to look into our homegrown talent more than ever and the results are showing. Not […]