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Fresh out of the studio, Steel Panther have been spreading their disease all over Australia, and bassist Lexxi Foxx has shared a few words describing his love for both our country and our women.

Australia has recently been graced with the presence of the incredibly exuberant Steel Panther on their Spreading the Disease tour. After changing their name from Metal Shop to Metal Skool and then finally Steel Panther, the success they found from Feel the Steel and Balls Out under the name has opened them up to a world of unimaginable opportunity. Spanning all across Australia, the tour comes right off of the end of recording their salacious third full-length album: All You Can Eat.

In the past Steel Panther have had cameos from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, and according to Lexxi, it’s going to be a recurring feature on All You Can Eat. “On this record right now, we’re in the very finishing stages of having people come in and get on the record, so right now we have some really, really good ideas of people coming in to sing on it.” Although the guests are not finalised, there is a short-list of people lined up. “Just to name a few, we wanted a little Streisand, we wanted to hear her voice but a little more metal. Steven Tyler would be perfect for a song and Jon Bon Jovi, our people got in touch with his people, so we just have to wait and see.”

One of the more questionable guest musicians in the past was Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger on the song It Won’t Suck Itself from Balls Out in 2011. “The reason we did record with Chad, we like to call him Chaz, first of all he has a hockey rink and we wanted to go see that when we went up to record with him.” He says, “If we can reach people that listen to Nickelback, like so many freakin’ people do, we just said ‘hey, if we can make Chad a little bit more metal, then maybe we’ll reach those people… so we thought we could influence him. It’s kind of like a poison, we’re trying to spread out bitchin’ poison around, not the band poison, but spread our heavy metal seed, and if we have to do it through the number one biggest band in the world, then that’s how we try to do it.”

It isn’t a surprise that the band has become fond of Australia, being as they’re so obsessed with women and Australia being a nation that has built a reputation for having especially beautiful women. “We all love Australia, I mean it’s such a big deal doing a tour down there, and meeting more and more women down there. I couldn’t believe how hot some of the f**king girls are down there, it’s a trip, you guys [should be] stoked.” In 2012 Panther were down here for Soundwave, a tour that left a lasting impression on them, so much that they might be making a return to the festival sooner than one might think. “It was so cool to do that, it was bitchin’ to hang out with all those bands and stuff, and we try to get them more metal not just so ‘URGHH’ (yelling). It was really, really, cool, we hope to do it next year depending on the album and everything.”

Steel Panther have played Australia many times before, the most famous of tours being the Brazzers sponsored shows that happened in 2012. With music driven so highly by sex, it only makes sense for one of the biggest porn companies in the world to partner up with them and have some of their finest actresses join the band on stage to do what they do best. “Yeah they did a bunch of special things for us, we didn’t have to pay ’em, I mean we did, we flew them out there.” For some this is their ideal show, but the ideal concert for Lexxi is a little more extravagant than that. “I would hire a bunch of cool bitches in cages, and I would have fireworks all over the place going on, other than when our songs are going on, because I wouldn’t want our bitchin’ songs to get fucked up.” But it gets better, “I would have a big dong way up in the back, and a vagina in the front, and at the end the dong comes around and starts pounding into the vagina. Then big white cannons spray out – it looks like sperm but it’s not because that’d suck, I wouldn’t do something like that to my fans – white confetti.”

Their Australian dates have now finally wrapped up, ending in Perth what was an incredibly extravagant and a predictably fantastic set of shows. Their brand new album All You Can Eat is slated for an early April release next year, and if the album’s single Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World is any indication of what’s to come, the uncontrollable party train that is Steel Panther isn’t coming to a halt any time soon.

Photos By Carbie Warbie

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