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Sisters Doll

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Listen to SISTERS DOLL while you read.

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It is not uncommon in the modern music age to have high profile guest artists contribute to each other’s albums.


It is a practice that has been working well for some years, but usually, you only hear of well-known musicians playing on other famous artists projects, not relative unknowns.


Sisters Doll, from Melbourne, bucked that trend on their recent album All Dolled Up with a special appearance from Bruce Kulick, better known as the guitarist for KISS between 1984 and 1996.


“Back in 2015 we got the chance to play live with Bruce as part of his backing band,” explained vocalist/guitarist Brennan Mileto – a.k.a B.Monroe. “That was a great experience for us, and we have kept in contact with him since then.”


“We mentioned it when we played with him back then,” added bass player Austin Mileto (Foxxx), “that we would love to have him play on our next album and he was into the idea.”


“We sent him e – mails and demos of the songs,” continued drummer Bryce Mileto (Lipz) “and he picked his favourite – which was ‘Young, Wild and Free’ – so once we got the rough parts down in the studio we sent it to him and he put the solo on it and that was it. It was a great honour to have him on the album, and it boosted our name in the KISS world, so hopefully, their fans dig it which would be even better.”


Originally hailing from Western Australia, Sisters Doll has been plugging away in the Australian music scene for the last seven years but are hoping with their sophomore release all their hard work will finally pay off.


“We started in a small town called Collie, and there wasn’t much to do there besides play music, work in the mines or play football,” laughed Monroe, “so we chose the band. We grew up listening to old school music – Dad was into KISS and Motley Crue and Van Halen – so it was pretty much in our blood. We took a plunge and entered in a few band competitions and won one who gave us the opportunity to record our first album Welcome to the Dollhouse. From there we went to America and toured independently over there. Then we moved to Melbourne and toured around Australia on our budget, and then the Australia’s Got Talent thing popped up so did the Bruce Kulick support, and now we have just released our second album and we plan on going to Europe and America late this year or early next. Before then we are going to tour the East Coast of Australia, so it’s pretty exciting times.”


Sisters Doll became the first rock band to make the finals of last year’s Australia’s Got Talent and in the process won the hearts and ears of people from all parts of the country, with Lipz admitting the show was a huge boost to the band’s marketability.


“It was a lot of fun,” he gushed. “The exposure was great for us, but we went in thinking we would only get the one show maybe but it snowballed from there, and we got to the final five which was amazing!”


“They only announced the winner out of the top five,” Monroe laughed, “so we’re telling everyone we got second.”


“It built a lot of our social media side of things,” added Foxxx. “Our Facebook got a great boost, and we sold a lot of albums in the time we were on there. Lipz scored his Ludwig endorsement too which was great.”


“We’ve had some interest from some labels too,” continued Monroe, “who have been waiting to hear the new album, so we’ve sent them out, so we’ll see what happens from there. It was just great exposure for the band in so many ways.”


While Welcome to the Dollhouse established Sisters Doll among the up and coming rockers of Australian music, their follow-up, released January 21, looks set to raise their profile even more.


“It’s been pretty exciting so far,” enthused Monroe. “Everyone who has bought the album has loved the whole album and not just one song which is cool. It was a long time coming – four years actually – but it’s finally out, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

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After peaking in the top ten of the I Tunes rock charts, Monroe says the band are hoping All Dolled Up continues to grow on their fans, with it already out performing the debut.


“It was a funny story actually,” laughed Monroe. “We were just sitting at home talking about the album and someone suggested we look in the I Tunes charts just to see if it was in there at all. We had a look for a laugh and at that stage we were at number 50 and we were shocked! We put the post out on facebook and more people started buying it and it jumped up even more (laughs).”


“We didn’t even think about it earlier,” interjected Lipz, “I never thought we would ever be up there. Everyone bought a copy at the album launch so we didn’t even think anyone would download it but they obviously have.”


After sitting on the one album for four years– which was written and recorded while the band were still in their teens – the band knew that their follow up had to reflect on the many changes within their lives, something Monroe admits played on their minds.


“Our main aim was to show our progression and our growth from the first album,” he said. “Which I think it does, especially with the songwriting and in our voices and the structuring of the songs. That was our main goal. Production wise we wanted to step things up a little bit more and make it stand out and be more listenable for these times. I think musically the melody is still there with the same sort of chord progression. Structurally, I think more thought has gone into the songs as well.”

“With the first album you write a song and think it’s awesome and you don’t go back on it,” added Lipz, “but on this one we worked on them all and picked out the best parts and made them radio friendly and melodic so hopefully radio picks them up.”


If there’s one thing other bands could take from Sisters Doll is their relationship with their fans. From day one they have stayed behind after shows and spoken to their fans and signed merchandise and are constantly updating their social media sites and having as much interaction as possible.


“Things like that are important,” Monroe stressed, “especially with the way it is in the music industry at the moment. There’s not a lot of label support and it’s not like it used to be. I think if we can keep doing the groundwork with our fan base it will help. Even the label people that we have spoken to that were interested their advice was to keep building that base and then they will come so it’s pretty much…”


“You’ve gotta do the work yourself these days,” Lipz picked up. “By building that fan base people will keep coming to your shows and keep buying C.D’s and supporting the industry because unfortunately the industry is tough right now and the fans are the only thing keeping it going. If we keep building that core fan base then we can call the shots a bit more if a label does come knocking one day.”


“We take pride in keeping that side of things active and making everyone feel equal. We genuinely appreciate the comments people leave us and I remember what I was like when I loved a band and you sent a message and didn’t get a reply so we try to reply to as many as we can,” continued Foxx.


“Some people get real fan struck with us,” Monroe laughed, “and they can’t believe that we replied but we just try to be ourselves. We’re just three normal guys. We don’t try to put ourselves on a pedestal so to reply and make someone feel good makes us feel good as well.”


Written by Kris Peters

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