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SEVENDUST at The House of Blues, Boston Massachusetts, 14/2/19

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We sent Robert Forte along to photograph and review SEVENDUST at The House Of Blues in Boston Massachusetts, USA the other night to get the scoop on what to expect when they come to Australia in April. Dates at the bottom of this piece.


Sevendust – House of Blues – Boston, MA (United States) – February 14, 2019

Sevendust’s success over the course of the last twenty plus year may be rooted in what would seem to be a rather simple formula; produce brilliant music and continue developing unbending bonds with a rabid fan base.

How does that one saying go, if that’s so easy why doesn’t everyone do it?  The short answer, as it relates to Sevendust anyway, is most bands simply aren’t as talented or even as remotely likable as frontman Lajon Witherspoon and his fellow bandmates from Atlanta.

Few of Sevendust’s contemporaries can boast a discography that is as deep in terms of the number of releases as it is in quality.  Each of the band’s twelve studio releases, including 2018’s All I See Is War, have either spawned chart-topping hits or fan favourites that legions of Sevendust disciples will be singing in their showers and their cars for decades to come.

Sevendust – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts (United States) – February 14, 2019

This past Thursday at the House of Blues in Boston the New England faithful came out in force to share yet another deeply personal night of music, moshing and bonding, not just with one another but with their friends in Sevendust as well.

Over the course of the band’s fourteen song set list in Boston fans smiled, hugged and high-fived each other so often that the uninitiated may have thought they were attending a Tony Robbins inspirational lecture versus a night of metal-induced frivolity.

That’s the beauty of Sevendust in a nutshell right there, they bring people together. More than anything else, isn’t that what all meaningful music, regardless of genre, is supposed to do?  One minute Sevendust’s set in Boston had fans spinning each other into a tornado of flying fists and the next, joining forces in a myriad of venue-wide sing-a-longs that even the band must have been moved by.

Sevendust – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts (United States) – February 14, 2019

It would be easy to list what songs Sevendust played while on stage at the House of Blues this past week.  However, what they played or didn’t play would not even come close to being the essential take away from the band’s time in Boston.  Quite frankly, if you’re looking for a setlist recap there’s a resource that’s just a click away from nearly every soul on the planet these days, it’s called the internet.  Check it out.

Should you, however, be looking to take in a night of aggressive music that offers you the opportunity to crash and bang into fellow like-minded musical souls, while at the same time feeling as though you’re a part of something bigger than just yourself, be sure to grab a ticket to see Sevendust on their current run.

Sevendust – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts (United States) – February 14, 2019

Credit should be given to both Sevendust as well as their label, Rise Records, for putting together a flat out banger of a line up for the All I See Is War tour cycle.  Tremonti, Cane Hill, Lullwater and Kirra are all resplendent live performers and their sets in Boston opening up for Sevendust only further hammered this point home.

Oklahoma City hard rock outfit Kirra kicked the night’s musical festivities off in Boston.  Although the band has been existence since 2013, they’re currently finding their way as they incorporate a new vocalist into the fold in the form of Gabriel Parson.

Kirra, if nothing else, proved that exceptional rock music doesn’t need to be over produced or deliberately idiosyncratic to be effective. Playing at six in the evening and in a region of the country they haven’t spent much time in could have easily lead to a less than enthusiastic set by Kirra.  However, from the outset of their time on the House of Blues stage, Kirra had many in the Boston audience beyond transfixed.

There are reasons bands like Sevendust, Nothing More and Three Doors down have sung the praises of Kirra while also hand picking them as tour mates, they’re just flat out fucking good.

Kirra – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts (United States) – February 14, 2019

Sevendust’s fellow Georgia rockers Lullwater didn’t give the Boston fans a second to catch their breath. The four piece delivered an intensely fierce set that likely left many in the crowd wondering, why the hell has this band not made a bigger splash in the world of rock music to date?

Lullwater certainly checks all the boxes in terms of the quality of musicianship, song writing and live performance chops any fan of rock music would be looking for.  Effectively mixing elements of grunge, alternative and just good old rock and roll, Lullwater had the Boston audience clamoring for their set to continue long past their designated stop time.

he first big twist at the House of Blues Boston this past Thursday was provided by New Orleans based crushers Cane Hill.  The band’s unique brand of metalcore, heavy riffs and harsh vocals stood in stark contrast to the more mainstream music that had played ahead of them.

Cane Hill literally woke up every member of the audience in Boston, even if some of them were quite shocked by their own awakening. As the band’s set progressed you could feel the sentiment in the room shift from bewilderment to interest as vocalist Elijah Witt seemed to be challenging the Boston audience to jump into the fray with him and the band.

By the time Cane Hill’s time on stage had come to a conclusion it was clear that they had won over the vast majority of those in attendance and quite honestly, rightfully so.  Further proof of this was the fact that when headliner Sevendust later asked the crowd to give a hand for the each of the bands that had played earlier, Cane Hill seemed to have received the loudest cheer.

Cane Hill – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts (United States) – February 14, 2019

The final band to take the House of Blues stage ahead of Sevendust was the tour’s primary support act Tremonti. The band has always had a knack for mixing full throttle bangers, pit ready mosh-along and melodic anthems to wildly great effect and their set in Boston delivered much of the same.

One component of Tremonti that cannot be undersold is the level of technical acumen that exists within the band.  Those fortunate enough to bear witness to their set in Boston saw the band’s musical expertise come to life with a performance that could only be properly described as explosive.

Tremonti – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts – United States – February 14, 2019

The band’s new record, A Dying Machine, is a force to be reckoned with, chock full of scorching riffs and Tremonti’s signature melodies.  I dare any concert goer to hit up one of Tremonti’s current dates and not be compelled to go out and buy the new record after hearing and seeing tracks such as “Throw Them To The Lions” performed live.

Great music should move people to act and Tremonti had countless audience members in Boston making a move to their merchandise booth to pick up a copy of the band’s latest record following their performance.

Tremonti – House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts – United States – February 14, 2019


Sevendust are coming to celebrate their 2018 Rise Records release “All I See Is War” – a record that has energised fans all over the world. Pre-Sale tickets for the Sevendust AU/NZ tour go on sale 10 AM AEST Thursday, December 6 and General Tickets go on Sale at 10 AM AEST on Monday 10 December at



Tuesday 23 April 2019 – Powerstation, Auckland

Thursday 25 April 2019 – Tivoli, Brisbane

Friday 26 April 2019 – Metro, Sydney

Saturday 27 April 2019 – Forum, Melbourne

Monday 29 April 2019 – The Gov, Adelaide

Tuesday 30 April 2019 – Capitol, Perth

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