Roundtable – Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia – Album Review

Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia
Release Date: 29 October 2015
by Kerry Monaghan

Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia is the debut album by Roundtable. Throwing together elements of Modern Sludge, Progressive Rock and Doom Metal to name a few, it’s an album that takes the listener on a visceral journey.

Its narrative is engaging and heavy, capturing themes of medieval battles, Lords and conquests of foreign lands. Titles like Corpulent Warlord and Abarath Pass give a clue into the creative consummation of storytelling, both musically and lyrically.

Vocalist, Rhys Walmsley’s gravel tone paves the way toward the bleak and progressive, as each song peaks and falls into its own unique setting. The riffs are dark and psychedelic complimenting the softer folkier rhythm of other tracks. Overall this is a solid album at its most creative.

Written by Staff Writer

Staff Writer at HEAVY Magazine.

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