Premiere: VULVODYNIA “Nyaope” Video

South African brutal death metal machines, Vulvodynia have given us the power to unleash upon the world the video for the track “Nyaope” which features a guest appearance from Martin Matoušek of Gutalax.

The song from their latest album Mob Justice which is out now on Lacerated Enemy Records. Order Mob Justice here

HEAVY interviewed the band last week; guitarist Kris Xenopoulos says, “We’ve never been there but we’ve noticed crowds all over the world have completely different… for example, if we have to play in South Africa crowd killing is not a thing that exists but if we go to someplace like the UK or France or parts of the States you’re gonna see people doing spin kicks and backflips and crazy stuff like that. You don’t really see that in South Africa. It’s always cool to see how different scenes like to move to our music. In Germany, everyone’s more peaceful about it. They do these hammer pits where they all go in a circle and… I don’t know how to explain it… they put their hand straight forward or in a fist and they start bashing it up and down in the air buts it’s very powerful and everyone has a great time. People bring blow up toys and swimming boats and stuff to throw in the pit in Germany so it’s crazy to see how the different scenes like to do it. I’m excited to see what Australia has in store for us”.

READ/LISTEN to the full interview with Vulvodynia here

VULVODYNIA Australian & New Zealand Tour Dates


Friday 8/11 – Crowbar, Brisbane 18+
Saturday 9/11 The Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle 18+
Sunday 10/11 Crowbar, Sydney 18+
Monday 11/11 The Music Foundry, Wollongong AA
Tuesday 12/11 The Basement, Canberra 18+
Friday 15/11 Enigma Bar, Adelaide 18+
Saturday 16/11 Whammy Bar, Auckland 18+
Sunday 17/11 Valhalla. Wellington 18+

Written by Carl Neumann

Carl is the owner and the director of HEAVY Magazine. Carl is a music journalist and photographer for HEAVY, Rolling Stone, scenestr, Planet Rock and Kerrang!

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