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Canada’s Van Halst are a fiery, empowering force of hard rock fused with metal and strong socially conscious lyrics that advocate female rights. Van Halst released their debut album, World of Make Believe on 4 March 2016, which is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Van Halst are pushing to inspire listeners and fans to be aware, informed and encouraged to take action on various topics ranging from female empowerment, body image and domestic violence among many other issues. This brings the release of their inspirational new clip, Questions, focusing on victims of abuse and how they can be criticised unfairly, and to put the blame where it belongs; with the abuser rather than the victim.

Vocalist Kami Van Halst talks about how the song came about: “I wrote Questions with my sister Brittney Grabill. This song deals with victim blaming and how the victims of sexual assault are often criticized and blamed for putting themselves in a vulnerable position, which allowed them to be abused or exploited…This is wrong, we should not be blaming or scrutinizing the victims of abuse. We need to remove the stigma and put the blame where it rightly belongs- on the abuser.”

van halstWorld of Make Believe: Track Listing
1. The End
2. Save Me
3. Ryan’s Song
4. World of Make Believe
5. Questions
6. Denying Eyes
7. Monster
8. Plastic Smile
9. Put Him Down
10. Perfect Storm


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