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Sydney alt-Metal band SYNAESCOPE have dropped their latest single. THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL is the first single of their first full length album and second studio release, planned for Autumn 2017. The single, mixed and mastered by FORRESTER SAVELL (12 Foot Ninja, Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo) will hit stores on March 10.

THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL is a multi-tempo F-You! to the banality of vanity and the isolation it brings. From haunting ambience to brutal breakdowns, Synaescope have given their all in pushing the boundaries of their genre to expose raw the hopelessness we feel. Vocalist Warren Harding offered insight into the track, saying, ” We wanted to branch out musically and really push ourselves with this song, and what better way to do that than tackling an (almost) 8 minute epic.” On the recording process, Harding goes further to say “When conceptualising this song, it aesthetically felt like we were hearing something very analog over a digital signal and Forrester (Savell) really smashed it out of the park, with no shortcuts” This release will sit atop Synaescope’s current accolades including Heavy Magazine’s BEST UNDERGROUND BAND of 2015 and the #1 voted band to appear at the nationwide LEGION MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016. With previous endorsements such as “Impressive guys. It has all the elements that I’ve always loved + a little bit more! Well done. (AJ MADDAH )” , metallers can expect a new paradigm from Synaescope as is brutally evident in THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL.

You can listen to The Illusion Of Control right here.

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