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Premiere: DAYS LIKE THESE “Gravity”

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After spending extensive time away from the public eye working in the studio, Days Like These have just announced their latest single “Gravity”, which is the first taste of their upcoming EP, Wide Awake.


This release marks a brand new chapter for the Brisbane band.


With the addition of new members Connor and Jamo, Days Like These have crafted a more fluent and unique sound than their previous releases. The group worked with producer Chris Lalic (Windwaker) who enabled them to become the band they have always wanted to be.


“Chris really helped us kick our bad habits, and made us throw away the rulebook we seemed to have created for ourselves,” the band said. “It was a very freeing experience and we feel like we can do whatever we want now.”


“Gravity” was chosen to be the lead single as the band felt that this particular song was the best summary of the EP. It introduces the use of electronics that really help to create the textures and moods the song needed. Dynamic guitar and vocal hooks dominate throughout, and the songs explosive chorus really ties everything together. The boys really found themselves as individual artists and as a band during the creation of this new material, so much so that they wanted to incorporate that sentiment into every facet of the band.


“We feel no pressure to look or present ourselves a certain way anymore. Our music is bold and it represents us as the band we always wanted to be – so we wanted to carry that sentiment everywhere. As people, we are outgoing and vibrant, so we felt that our band should reflect that.”


Watch “Gravity” below:



Whilst aiming to carve their own unique path, Days Like These still found inspiration in many different forms through various bands. Listed below are five bands that inspired “Gravity” and the rest of Wide Awake.


Bring Me The HorizonNihilist Blues: “Bring Me The Horizon are one of the biggest names in our greater scene. They have shown just how much one band can push the boundaries of their sound and have such a diverse discography. We would be lying if we said that didn’t inspire us to try new things and to not put ourselves in a box. I think Nihilist Blues caught everyone off guard when they released it, but we were definitely pleasantly surprised. It’s a song that explored new territory for them but they managed to make it sound perfectly like themselves at the same time. The chorus of that track is something that deserves to be heard in the worlds’ biggest stadiums, and the breakdown is a perfect reminder that you don’t need to use low tuned guitars and double kick drums to be heavy.”


Don BrocoCome Out To LA: “We wish to be as weird and wonderful as Don Broco one day. We discovered them all around the same time and we were instantly hooked. Talk about a unique band! Come Out To LA would have been one of the first songs we heard and we were blown away. The infectious guitar riffs, the coordinated use of both vocalists, the perfect balance of rock and electronic-infused tracks – we envy this band a great deal.”


The 1975Love Me: “Most of us stumbled upon The 1975 only 12-18 months ago, but they’ve definitely made an impression. We admire the charisma of this band and they always seem to redefine who they are musically and visually. Whether it’s an EDM bop, a classic hit of pop-rock, or a venture into country, there’s new flavour on every album. That sense of spontaneity is something Days Like These are trying to incorporate into our sound and image.”


Muse Map Of The Problematique: “Muse are a band that have made us rethink our entire songwriting process. They have taught us that a great song is not a bunch of cool individual parts, but about creating an atmosphere where the instruments serve the song, even if that means occasionally cutting back the prominence of certain instruments more than our egos would like! Map Of The Problematique is the perfect example of this – it creates a distinct atmosphere and guides the listeners through it. Muse also represent themselves visually in unique and consistent ways and show that visuals play an important part in defining a bands’ aesthetic in order to create a specific image.”


Ocean GroveAsk For The Anthem: “Ocean Grove have shown everyone that a band can go through major setbacks but still come out the other side having grown and being just as sensational as ever. Ask For The Anthem was the perfect first taste of the bands’ latest offering. These boys write some of the most exciting and playful music in Australia and we look to them in admiration as you can tell they are just wholeheartedly themselves and have as much fun as they possibly can. Ocean Grove really bring their listeners into their own world they have created for themselves and this is something we hope to achieve with Wide Awake and our releases further in the future.”

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