[PREMIERE] AS PARADISE FALLS ‘Dead Message’ Song, Clip & Tour

As Paradise Falls
As Paradise Falls

As Paradise Falls’ new full-length album Digital Ritual will be out July 21, 2017, via Eclipse Records.

Today As Paradise Falls premieres a new music video for the song “Dead Message” right here on HEAVY.

“Dead Message” is the second music video from the upcoming release and was produced by Ben Wrigley at Third Eye Visuals, and the album was produced by Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions).

This song explores communication in the digital age, and how so many interactions between friends occur online”, states guitarist Danny Kenneally. “Digital communication lives in a strange duality of being so vital, while at other times being flippantly disregarded the minute it doesn’t meet our interests. Do we prefer isolation and are we bored with humanity, or are we just becoming lazy?


Digital Ritual available for pre-order via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play
Get “StarBlind” and “Digital Ritual” instantly.

For more information on As Paradise Falls, visit the band on Facebook.

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