Orpheus Omega reveal album details

Orpheus Omega have revealed details of their new album, Partum Vita Mortem. The album’s artwork was processed by Niklas Sundin / Cabin Fever Media (Dark TranquillityArch EnemyAt The Gates).

The concept behind ‘Partum Vita Mortem’:
Existence is cyclical.
‘Partum Vita Mortem’ explores all the aspects that make us who we are, from our earliest beginnings to the very end of our journeys. Partum (Birth), Vita (Life) and Mortem (Death). These 3 distinct but interweaved aspects of existence are portrayed both musically and lyrically across 13 tracks that bring this concept to life. In an era where we often forget to experience and reflect on every moment we have, this album brings to the fore the struggles we all must face on our own journey.

1. Conception
2. I, Architect
3. Karma Favours The Weak
4. Practice Makes Pathetic
5. Our Reminder
6. Unravelling Today
7. Breath’s Burden
8. Tomorrow’s Fiends & Yesterday’s Ghosts
9. Beacons
10. Echoes Through Infinity
11. Revel In Oblivion
12. Kharon
13. Silence, The I

‘Partum Vita Mortem’ will see official release on July 24th via Kolony Records

Written by Robyn Morrison

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