One Day Autism Benefit

Some of Melbourne’s most well-known rock and metal musicians have banded together for the One Day Project to raise awareness and funds for Autism Spectrum Disorder at a benefit gig at The Evelyn on 31 March 2013.

The ‘One Day’ Project is a committee of devoted music maniacs that want to give back to the community by producing benefit events to celebrate and make aware of the people that are less fortunate.

The first show is an Autism Benefit on Sunday March 31st 2013 at the Evelyn Hotel with a stellar line up of some of Melbourne’s heavy, hard and best.

Frankenbok (DVD Launch), Dreadnaught (DVD Launch), King Parrot, Heaven The Axe, Bronson, Don Fernando, Wolfpack and The Charge.

All funds raised from this event will go to Amaze – Autism Victoria who help people and families in the Autism Spectrum with raising awareness and support.

One Day – is all it takes to – Appreciate, Devote, Understand, Recognise and become AWARE.

One Day

Tickets are $22+BF through

Go and check out AMAZE at:

Facebook Event Link

About Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often causes individuals to struggle to understand and relate to other people and to their environment and this can often result in extreme behaviour, which can be seen as tantrums in children and is their way of telling us how anxious they are feeling.

Individuals with an ASD look no different to anyone else. Parents of children with autism report that others often think that their children are badly behaved and misunderstand the situation. Adults with ASDs also find that they are misunderstood and harshly judged.
Is there a Solution?

ASDs affect 1 in every 160 people. They affect about 4 times as many boys as girls. It is a lifelong disorder and there is no cure. On the positive side, early intervention can have tremendous results in helping those affected to live to their full potential. For older individuals, timely and meaningful support, advice and information can also be critical to quality of life outcomes.

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