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DeadSet Records 12/05

NOTHING MORE at House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC on 10/8/18

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On August 10th Nothing More made their way back to the Carolinas for a headlining date at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. The band has been on tour with Five Finger Death Punch since July and on their days off have played smaller club shows here and there throughout the US. With their powerful stage presence and emotional performances fans were in for a special and intimate show at the venue that night. Performing both old and new favorites for the headlining show fans were given a mix of some of their favorites songs. Starting off the set strong with “Do You Really Want It?” the crowd was immediately off their feet singing along with front man Jonny Hawkins. With its face pace and energetic beat this seemed like the perfect opening to one of the most fun sets I think I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. Moving through to the next song, one of my personal favorites was next on the setlist. “Mr. MTV” is a song inspired by how this material world has totally spun out of control in todays society. It’s catchy chorus makes it one of those songs that their fans seem to truly enjoy singing along to at every show. As the set progressed through the night several favorites were played such as “Don’t Stop”, “First Punch” and “Ripping Me Apart”. However, it was the song at about the halfway mark of the set that truly was the most intense song I think I have ever seen performed live. As the lights dimmed and the music went down on the black stage in front of the crowd the opening line “ I don’t know what you had in mind, but here we stand on opposing sides. Let’s go to war” from the song “Go To War” echoed through the venue and the crowd shrieked in excitement all at once. Hearing this song live is one of the most chilling things you will witness at a show. The haunting vocals to the song and the emotion its performed with it made it feel as if time completely stood still all while sending chills down your spine. As the show was coming to a close there were only a few songs left for the night and those songs were three that would follow in the footsteps of “Go To War” and be chilling in their own right. As the lights dropped once more, and a red hue overtook the stage, the intro to “Fade In/Fade Out” played through HOB. This was the song I personally had looked forward to hearing all night as its deep lyrics and drawing instrumentals have always struck a chord with me. The song played through the venue and things felt like they were going in slow motion the crowd seemed to be at its strongest. The fans were singing along and some were holding lighters and flashlights in the air. You could feel how everyone connected to this song in their own way all at once. Moving into the next song it was yet another very deeply emotional and powerful song to help close out the night. The stage became covered in a deep blue light and the band was now in full silhouette. Jonny made his way to the edge of center stage, sat on the ground, and began softly singing the opening lines to the song “Jenny”. this moment was one I found to be unforgettable being so close to the front man during a moment in the song that has always felt so emotional and spine tingling. As fans sang along and some shedding tears in the process to the absolutely beautiful song it truly made the hair on the back of your neck stand up just to be apart of and witness. As things were finally coming to a close there was one last song left for fans to go all out to. One last fast paced and high energy song to close out. It was none other than an older favorite that everyone seems to know by heart. “Salem (Burn the Witch)” was the closeout for the night filled with incredible music and memories. Fans truly seemed to give it their all one final time with the band as they sang as loud as they could and jumped in sync. Hearing the echo of the fans sing along and reach their hands towards the stage one last time just showed how much fun everyone really had. From the small kids in the crowd to the adults one thing was certain. Nothing More is one of those bands that has not only a very dedicated fan base but also a very broad mixed one as well and its definitely all deserved.

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