Northlane: Singularity

An intense and incredibly listenable metalcore release, Singularity is characterised by thundering, deep low-end riffs and swimming, reverb-laden guitars.

With expressive vocals and abrupt chops and changes, the dynamic record is pleasingly reminiscent of metalcore leaders, Underoath. But Northlane’s likeness to the American act gets awkward – Windbreaker’s intro sounds scarily similar to Underoath’s the Impact of Reason (oops). However, there’s no denying Singularity’s quality. Whether it’s the thought-provoking instrumental title track, the dreamy Quantum Flux, or the driving riffs and skillful, aggressive vocals of Worldeater and Masquerade (both evocative of BMTH), Singularity is full of engaging tracks.

Northlane have produced a familiar sound, satisfying all the requirements of the popular metalcore genre, while injecting enough creativity into their music to see their sophomore effort stand alone.


– Photo courtesy of Soundwave

Written by Kim Croxford

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