[NEWS] PLYERS Drop New Album

PLYERS are a self-described ‘outsider noise’ outfit that are equal parts amp and analogue worship.

Trying to locate the centre of Melbourne trio’s sound is no easy task. ‘CLEAR’ oscillates wildly between gritty post-punk, grinding noise, warbling synth drones and screeching feedback.

PLYERS seem inspired in-part by the menace and energy of groups like Daughters, Lightning Bolt and NoMeansNo, but also eager to push beyond the narrow confines of simplistic genre labels. This makes their music so unpredictable and captivating.

‘CLEAR’ was recorded in the winter of 2015 with Neil Thomason (Agents of Abhorrence/Iron Lung, My Disco, True Radical Miracle etc.) at Headgap studios in Preston, Victoria and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Sleep, Sunn O))), OFF! etc.) in Seattle, Washington.

PLYERS – CLEAR is out now.

An extensive tour of Australia, Asia and the United States is planned in support.

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