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[NEWS] GRAVEMIND Opened The Death Gate, EP & Video Single

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Deathcore band from Melbourne, Gravemind, opened the gates to their website mystery after posting up a portal with a countdown clock couple weeks back: thedeathgate.com

Apparently, it was a real source of a mystery for many media outlets who have been trying to solve for the past 10 days – The Music, killyourstereo, Rogue Inc, AAA Backstage, Reddit, Tomatrax, Deathcore Memes were trying to unlock the gate. We had a little crack and put it in the too hard basket and moved on… Maybe we should spend more time watching Murder She Wrote reruns?

The clues were all there apparently as Gravemind has been hiding in plain sight for much longer, having hinted at The Deathgate since September 2016, hiding the image of The Deathgate in promo pictures, binary code in show posters and more.

Since the mystery of thedeathgate.com was uncovered, thousands of people have viewed the site in 10 days and bands such as Alpha Wolf, I Shall Devour, Blind Oracle and To The Grave all shared the mystery on their social media channels.

Behind the gate is the announcement of their sophomore EP ‘The Deathgate’. The EP will be released on Friday August 11, with first single “Anaesthesia” out today Friday June 30.

Watch the epic Sci-Fi video for the first single below”






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