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After a massive debut with their single “Repent'” Adelaide’s theatrical emo/rock/punk outfit Wolf & Chain are back again with the title track single of their debut EP, An Honest Mistake (single out May 1/ EP out June 5).

The debut single “Repent” was a call to arms to join Wolf & Chain’s preacher and his misfits on their journey seeking out vengeance who have been left sickened by the world around them.

Caked with the best of what defines the emo/ punk rock genre, the teeth-sinking debut saw support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Wall of Sound, Heavy Mag, AAA Backstage, The Faction and many more media outlets.

Now, to follow that up is An Honest Mistake – another horror/ thriller story that’s explosive and ever-evolving.


Opening with a fast-paced, high-gained riff, gutsy screams and timely full-band hits, the track quickly moves into melodic, harmonised guitar lines in the half-time pre-chorus before letting go in the chorus.

Insane cackling is heard as the band pull out of the chorus and slam into the second verse where the drums roll on as Joe Butcher and Luke O’Dwyer on guitars lay back with spacious, overdriven harmonics.

After the second chorus, the band lower the dynamics with a feathered drum roll alongside palm-muted guitars as Jack Cumes, in a soft, breathy tone sings part of the chorus. Wolf & Chain bust back into the final chorus before closing the track out with drummer Sam Gutwein crushing drum fills as Cumes sings “It’s all for you!”.

This title track ties into the overarching theme of the EP that revolves around the preacher who becomes obsessed and possessed with the idea of moulding the world to his vision by any means. Cumes explains:

“‘An Honest Mistake’ captures the emotions behind the preachers dark and consuming obsession, and willingness to do anything for the object of that obsession. In truth, the motivation behind this willingness is self-serving and leads down a dark path to feelings of bitterness and resentment, and a desire for revenge.”

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