Submit Your Photographs

Thank you for taking these photographs. We hope you had a ball in the pit! We really, really appreciate it.

The Authorised Use of Photographs and the Legalities:

You have been given permission to photograph for the HEAVY with accreditation giving from the artist management or publicist.

Please be aware that you, as the photographer, are the owner of the photos by law. However, you were accredited through HEAVY Magazine with express permission from the artists [the subject] management, managing agent, touring agent or publicist. We must follow any rules they have in place regarding usage of the photos. If you were given a form to sign you must adhere to the rules laid out within that document.

You are not permitted to sell or use the photographs for commercial means unless you have the authorisation from the artists management in writing. This must be supplied to the Editor at HEAVY.

HEAVY reserves the right to use the photographs across it’s platform, at anytime, within the boundaries of the accreditation.

You can however use the photos on your own website, social media, and in your portfolio — unless you signed an agreement from the publicist or band management saying otherwise. But, PLEASE wait to do that until at least two weeks after the photos have been on HEAVY’s online platforms (website, emails and social media). During this time please share the photos around from the HEAVY website and social media. This is how you are only permitted to show them off first on your social media and/or website as HEAVY is the approved accreditation holder.

Please follow the HEAVY Style Guide when submitting. You will find a link in the menu above. Incorrect submission will be delayed and send back for you to resubmit.